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mPhase Developing New Automotive Product Using Advanced Battery Technology

Major European Auto Manufacturer Retained

mPhase Technologies, Inc. is developing a new automotive product with a major European automobile manufacturer that is based on advanced battery technology.

A prototype of the product is expected to be completed in the first quarter of calendar year 2011. A feasibility study was concluded and the product is expected to have broad appeal to both the OEM and aftermarket automobile industry.

“We have been developing this new product for months and anxiously await the completion of the prototype. Working with the engineering staff of this prestigious European automobile manufacturer has been rewarding,” said Ronald A. Durando CEO of mPhase.

About mPhase Technologies, Inc.

mPhase Technologies is introducing a revolutionary Smart Surface technology enabled by breakthroughs in nanotechnology, MEMS processing and microfluidics. Our Smart Surface technology has potential applications within drug delivery systems, lab-on-a-chip analytic systems, self-cleaning systems, liquid and chemical sensor systems, and filtration systems. mPhase has pioneered its first Smart Surface enabled product, the mPhase Smart NanoBattery.

In addition to the Smart Surface technology, mPhase recently introduced its first product, the mPower Emergency Illuminator, an award-winning product designed by Porsche Design Studio and sold via the mPower website: More information about the company can be found at

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