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Streetline Named IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year

IBM Expands Global Entrepreneur Initiative to Emerging Markets and Unveils Plans for SmartCamps in 2011

IBM named Streetline the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year and winner of the 2010 SmartCamp World Finals in Dublin, where the company announced plans to expand its Global Entrepreneur initiative and future SmartCamps in emerging markets including Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland and Turkey.

Streetline, which uses sensors that allow citizens to find inexpensive parking fast while helping cities manage their parking resources more efficiently, was selected from more than 600 SmartCamp entries worldwide based on its outstanding technology, innovative business plan, and alignment with IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy.

As part of its Global Entrepreneur initiative, IBM SmartCamp brings together start-ups from around the world that are building new technologies to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues such as the environment, energy efficiency, traffic congestion and personalized healthcare. SmartCamp World Finals participants receive mentoring, access to industry experts and technology, and deeper partnership opportunities from IBM, venture capital firms and industry partners.

“We are honored to be named the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year. With our smart sensors, we can dramatically reduce the amount of drivers’ time looking for parking, and improve the efficiency of a city’s traffic and parking network,” said Zia Yusuf, president and chief executive officer, Streetline. “Smarter Cities will change how people work and live. Parking sensors are only the first step, and we look forward to working with IBM to help make cities ‘smarter’.”

“The SmartCamp participants are all excellent examples of the kind of next generation entrepreneurs we need to make Europe an Innovation Union,” said Maire Geoghegan Quinn, European Union Commissioner of Research and Innovation. “We congratulate all of the participants in the 2010 SmartCamp World Finals, and Streetline as the winner.”

IBM Expands Global Entrepreneur Initiative and SmartCamps

IBM launched the Global Entrepreneur initiative in 2010, and today announced plans to expand the program next year to emerging markets including Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland and Turkey. As part of this expansion, IBM plans to host SmartCamps throughout 2011 at new locations around the world including Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Mexico City, Warsaw and Istanbul.

SmartCamp winners join participants in IBM’s Global Entrepreneur initiative. As a result, they receive mentoring and support from industry experts and VCs, and IBM will help the startup ready its technology on IBM software and hardware at IBM Innovation Centers.

The criteria for start-ups to participate in IBM’s Global Entrepreneur initiative are: the company must be privately-held; in business less than three years; and actively developing software aligned to IBM’s Smarter Planet focus areas.

In addition to Streetline, 2010 SmartCamp World Finals companies included:

— CareCloud- Enables a digital ecosystem for the healthcare industry on
the Internet where participants can transact on a business level using
rich applications designed to streamline business processes and provide
full transparency into workflow.
— LindCom- Measures the contents of tanks and silos and reports
measurements via the Internet to optimize and streamline the
distribution and production of commodities.
— Panoramic Power- Developing an inexpensive, cloud-based service for
precise and granular monitoring of electrical power that enables energy
savings, failure prediction, preventive maintenance and submetering.
— Predect- A unique online water protection solution, whose early warning
system enables immediate action before infecting a population.
— Sproxil- Smart technology fighting counterfeit medicine in emerging
countries, cell phone technology used at point of purchase to validate
genuine drugs.
— TreeMetrics- Creating 3D imaging technology that measures forests for
optimum harvesting.
— VisioHost- Unites innovative technology with scientific and medical
research by providing lifecycle solutions for the management and
archiving of images.
— WorldSensing- Industrial wireless sensing in smart structures, smart
cities and smart oil fields.

The sponsors of the 2010 SmartCamp World Finals include Dublin City Council, Enterprise Ireland, Kaufmann Institute, KPMG, NCB and SeedCamp.

More information and videos about the SmartCamp World Finals are available on the SmartCamp blog at, and a replay of the three-day SmartCamp World Finals webcast and interviews are available at

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