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Delphi Selected to Showcase Technology at 2011 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Delphi, International Rectifier and ORNL Working to Implement $8.4 Million Award to Develop Next-Generation HEV/EV Electronics

Delphi Automotive has been selected to participate in the prestigious Technology Showcase at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, co-hosted by the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) and the CleanTechnology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI) Feb. 28 to March 2 at the Gaylord Convention Center just outside Washington, D.C. Hundreds of top technologists and cutting-edge clean tech organizations competed to participate in the showcase, which organizers say features America’s most promising prospects for winning the future in energy.

As one of ARPA-E’s selected organizations, Delphi will exhibit technology it is developing in partnership with International Rectifier (IR) and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) aimed at making the power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles more efficient and more affordable, as well as smaller and lighter weight. The showcase is part of the second annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, which is expected to bring together nearly 2,000 national leaders, including top researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and government officials, to drive long-term American competitiveness in the energy sector. More than 200 groundbreaking technologies from ARPA-E awardees, corporations, national labs and DOE R&D programs will be featured at the event.

“We look forward to joining others who share our enthusiasm for collaboration and partnership in bringing the next generation of energy-efficient technologies to market,” said Jeff Owens, president, Delphi Electronics & Safety. “Being part of the technology showcase and sharing our progress with other innovators and investors will further expand our ability to deliver innovation that addresses real world challenges.”

Delphi is leading the partnership that is implementing an $8.4 million ARPA-E award for advanced technology development to bring new power electronics technology from the laboratory to the prototype stage. The project applies Gallium Nitride on Silicon power semiconductor technology to the switch module in an inverter. The inverter is the part of an electrified powertrain that takes the DC (direct current) voltage output of the energy storage battery and turns it into the AC (alternating current) voltage needed to efficiently power the vehicle’s electric motor. As described by Robert Schumacher, Ph.D., general director of Advanced Engineering & Business Development for Delphi’s Electronics & Safety division, “the goal is to develop a high power inverter with solid-state electronic switch modules that is significantly smaller and lighter, that works at higher temperatures and that reduces energy lost in the DC to AC inversion process.”

In addition, the team is working toward a switch module that is expected to be half the cost of current technology, contributing to efforts to reduce the cost of electrified vehicles and increase consumer interest. This activity aligns with Delphi’s project in Kokomo, aimed at establishing a globally competitive facility for manufacturing power electronics. Under the project, the DOE has awarded $89.3 million in federal funds to match Delphi’s investment of $89.3 million in facilities, equipment and engineering that will help make U.S.-based production globally competitive in this very important market.

“With both these important industry/government partnerships, we are working to improve U.S. manufacturing capacity,” Owens said. “These investments offer an opportunity to help U.S.-based manufacturers lower the cost of electric drive vehicles and make them more attractive to a broad range of customers. In addition to automobiles, this power electronics technology can be applied to commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and industrial equipment as well as “green” technology applications in homes and businesses. We are developing technology for next-generation products that will be manufactured in the United States. These are indeed investments in our future.”

The 2011 ARPA-E Summit will feature high-profile speakers including U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, ARPA-E Director Arun Mujamdar, U.S. Navy Secretary Raymond Mabus, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzennegger and Bank of America Chairman Charles Holliday. Event Media Contact is Laura Benold, CTSI, 512-516-9804,

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