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New Way to Go Green: Auto Transport

The green revolution is a movement that is growing rapidly. An area that is lacking, however, and may be causing a large part of the greenhouse effect is that of the auto industry. Each year new models for hybrid cars are introduced, but many of these cars are concept cars. Even the ones that are ready to be sold have a hefty price tag that few people have the means to pay. A new and easy way to help is by using auto transport. 1 Auto Transport has now implemented revolutionary techniques to help reduce carbon emission.

The Department of Energy published an estimate of the amount of carbon dioxide one gallon of gasoline produces, the average mpg used by a car, the carbon dioxide emitted by one gallon of diesel, and the average mpg for one auto transport truck. The numbers are staggering. Within a year, one auto transport company saved 2,926,000 gallons of fuel and reduced the emission of greenhouse gases by 38,216,000 pounds. Studies show that if there was one auto transporter in each state, there would be national savings of almost 150 million gallons of fuel and 2 billion pounds of greenhouse gases.

1 Auto Transport has employed exclusive major reforms in an effort to make these numbers a reality. They constantly invest in the research and development of newer and more fuel-efficient flatbed trucks and trailers for enclosed auto transport. Their use of cutting-edge technology helps reduce the carbon emission caused by transit.

Another measure 1 Auto Transport has taken is to ensure that auto haulers are fully booked, and only make trips with a full load of cars, reducing the amount of trips needed. They also try to use terminals or pickup and drop-off locations that are close to main highways, in order to minimize the length of each trip. They work with numerous car dealers and manufacturers to ensure that new cars going to dealerships travel with a full load, instead of using the manufacturer’s own car shipping
( trailer, and making the trip half empty.

1 Auto Transport offers customers low auto transport rates in an effort to make auto transport feasible for more people. They also work to bring awareness to the cause by urging consumers to consider auto transport for many situations. Mass transit with car shipping can be a convenient and eco-friendly option for college students, military transfers, snowbirds, and others. Aside for the green aspect, cheap auto transport may also be a more economical choice, saving customers the price of gas, hotels, food, etc. along their trip. They urge Americans to buy American cars, thereby reducing the carbon footprint left by cars coming from overseas.

Society still has a long way to go to reach a greener environment. 1 Auto Transport is making a start by getting more cars off the road.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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