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Cerion Energy Debuts Nanoengineered Combustion Catalyst for Off Road Diesel Market

Cerion Energy, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of technologically advanced fuel additives, announced today the introduction of its patented diesel fuel combustion catalyst called GO2. Currently being used or tested by the commercial marine, construction, rail, and mining industries, GO2 is scientifically proven to increase fuel efficiency from 8-13 percent, decrease greenhouse gas emissions from 10-20 percent and decrease un-burned hydrocarbons (soot) emissions by up to 40 percent.

“We realized that with rising fuel prices and a global push for more environmentally friendly practices, there was a huge need for a product that both cut a company’s fuel costs and reduced its carbon footprint,” said Mick Stadler, Cerion’s CEO. “We’ve undertaken thousands of hours of tests with customers around the world in a variety of engines and are now ready to debut our ground breaking technology.”

“I knew immediately that GO2 was different from other additives because it has been proven in the field and is rooted in patented science,” said Scott Radosta, Owner of Omni Marine Service in Harvey, Louisiana. “After testing on one of our tugboats, it was determined that our fuel usage was down 9 percent as a result of using GO2. We plan on using the product on all our workboats.”

GO2 is a nanotechnology-based combustion catalyst that enables a more rapid, complete and cleaner burn by shuttling and rebalancing oxygen to and from fuel rich and starved areas in the chamber. This enhanced combustion process extracts more mechanical energy from the engine which is then transferred to the power train.

About Cerion Energy
Founded in 2007, Cerion Energy, a division of Cerion Enterprises, brings nanotechnology and related technologies to a broad range of markets. Developed by a team of veteran entrepreneurs along with scientists formerly from Kodak, Cerion Energy is a leading developer and supplier of technologically advanced fuel additives. For more on Cerion Energy, visit

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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