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Ubisense Launches Assembly Control System for Automotive Manufacturers

Ubisense to showcase new location solution at SAE World Congress

Ubisense, the market leading location solutions company, recently launched the Ubisense Assembly Control System (ACS), enabling automotive manufacturers to reliably identify and precisely track the location of each vehicle and associated parts and tools throughout the assembly line process. The Ubisense ACS enables process automation and control that improves manufacturing quality, enhances productivity and lowers the cost of production for automotive manufacturers. Ubisense is showcasing the new Ubisense ACS at SAE World Congress being held this week in Detroit (booth # 939).

In an ACS deployment, a Ubisense tag is attached to each vehicle on the assembly line. The tag enables the Ubisense tracking system to precisely locate each vehicle’s position. Similar Ubisense tags are also attached to parts and tools used in the production process. Ubisense software can then map the parts and tools required for the production of each vehicle based on custom specifications that are defined by the vehicle identification number (VIN). With this level of visibility into the assembly process, Ubisense software can automate tool enabling and disabling, and allow production managers to generate comprehensive reports for previously difficult to measure areas of the production process.

By replacing the need for fixed barcode scanners and proximity switches, the Ubisense ACS makes the automotive assembly process more flexible, efficient and reliable while improving quality and traceability. This results in significantly reduced errors in the assembly process which saves manufacturers millions of dollars and improves end user satisfaction. Additionally with the Ubisense ACS, work cells, either in a fixed location or moving along with a vehicle, are defined in software so rebalancing the line can now be done without expensive infrastructure changes and hardware movement. Wireless tools can also be incorporated into the production process, eliminating tool cables and improving safety conditions while maintaining error-proofing and traceability of critical fastening operations.

“We work with some of the most prestigious automotive manufacturers in the world to understand their pain points and apply our RTLS technology to fix their problems,” said Jay Cadman, Americas vice president of sales and marketing, Ubisense. “Our customers are driving our development efforts into areas we had not even imagined 12 month ago. Ubisense ACS is a prime example of this. ACS was developed based on input from our customers and now gives automotive manufacturers exactly what they need to fix their parts and tooling pain point. Ubisense ACS provides a new level of flexibility and has a dramatic impact on productivity, error proofing and assembly costs associated with automotive production. We anticipate continued expansion of our location solutions and customer base in this market worldwide.”

The Ubisense ACS is based on ultra-wideband (UWB), real-time location system (RTLS) technology, and interfaces with a Manufacturing Execution System. This technology is specifically designed to not interfere with existing wireless networks. Ubisense sensors ensure high accuracy in highly metallic, cluttered surroundings and operate in locations where reflections defeat other radio positioning systems. Additionally, any brand of wireless tool that can accept Open Protocol communications can be controlled with the Ubisense ACS.

About Ubisense
Ubisense, the market leader of location solutions, delivers mission-critical enterprise asset tracking and geospatial systems. The company’s location technology provides more than 500 customers worldwide with unprecedented visibility of, and control over, previously intractable business processes. Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA; Canada; France; Germany; Singapore; and Korea. For more information visit:

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