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New Whitepaper: “Establishing a Secure Network Platform for the Connected Vehicle”

Paper Details the Importance of a Robust Identity Management Strategy for Overcoming Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities for Connected Vehicles

Covisint, a Compuware company, at Telematics Detroit 2011 (booth 44), will announce the availability of a new, free-to-the-public whitepaper articulating the challenges with and opportunities for connected vehicle operation. The whitepaper, titled: “Establishing a Secure Network Platform for the Connected Vehicle,” explores what a secure network is and discusses why secure network platforms are critical for connected vehicle success.

The Covisint paper notes the dramatic acceleration in the adoption of information and communication technologies in connected vehicles. In the Gartner research note on automotive telematics titled “Hype Cycle for Vehicle-centric Information and Communication Technologies (Vehicle ICT), 2010,” Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Thilo Koslowski reflected this increase, noting: “By 2016, the majority of average car buyers for a standard (volume) brand vehicle will expect at least basic web-based information availability in their next new automobiles.”

The Covisint whitepaper highlights:

· The new swath of security and identity management (IdM) challenges from connected vehicles;
· The importance of an agnostic approach to technology;
· The benefits of single-sign-on, eliminating the need for multiple password scenarios;
· The communication flow to and from vehicles, vehicle owners and manufacturers;
· How cloud-based services, dealer interactions, warranty info and recalls will be handled;
· The role of the mobile phone in securing a vehicle owner’s identity; and, among others,
· Provisioning issues when vehicles change ownership.

“A brand new IT device is emerging; it’s called the automobile, and it knows more about you than your personal computer does because of advanced telematics,” said Dave Miller, Covisint Chief Security Officer. “The key issue in this ‘new identity reality’ is how to protect the driver’s privacy. Covisint, an independently identified cloud computing pioneer, not only understands this privacy-related complexity, but also thrives in managing it better than anyone else.”

Covisint debuted today’s whitepaper at Telematics Detroit 2011. The paper also can be obtained online at

As a pioneer in cloud computing and hosted identity management solutions, Covisint enables customers to simply and securely access relevant information and applications while also managing digital identities. Covisint enables this access via a single digital identity and sign-on across virtually any combination of internal and external systems and end user groups.

Covisint, a Compuware Company
Covisint, a Compuware company, enables information ecosystems that quickly revolutionize organizations by providing secure communication and collaboration between people and systems in remarkably simple ways. Covisint is a recognized cloud computing pioneer driving the on-demand revolution that helps organizations connect, communicate and collaborate with their partners–enabling anywhere, anytime information. The Covisint ExchangeLink™ platform provides industry-specific services for identity management, collaborative portals and data exchange, as well as a third-party application marketplace. Learn more at

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Thu. November 30th, 2023

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