The Fisker Karma is the world’s first premium luxury Electric Vehicle with extended range. It combines world-class luxury and sports car-like performance with industry-leading economy and zero tailpipe emissions. The Karma has a total range of 300 miles, 50 of which are electric-only and powered by a Lithium-ion battery developed in partnership with A123 Systems. It has about 400 hp and can reach to 60mph in six seconds. The Karma has a top speed of 125mph and yet it can achieve the best economy of nearly any production car.

“We are extremely proud to be working with Fisker to manufacture for the Fisker Karma Hybrid’s outer tie rod ends,” said Gokhan Kuru, President, Deeza Chassis Parts. “It was a 2-year design, development and testing process under Fisker’s superior engineering and management team to take the concept of Karma’s Outer Tie Rod Ends and finally produce a quality product to an exceptionally well thought and designed next generation hybrid electric car. There will be other OEM projects for other car manufacturers we will participate in the coming years and our determination on developing and manufacturing quality chassis parts will continue in both European and North American markets”

A significant number of pre-orders for the Karma have already been placed around the world. Fisker is also developing a higher-volume line of premium electric vehicles with extended range, scheduled to start production in the fourth quarter of 2012.

About Fisker Automotive, Inc.
Fisker Automotive is an American car company, founded in 2007, committed to producing electric vehicles with extended range (EVer) that deliver uncompromised responsible luxury. The company is designing and developing the world’s first line of premium electric plug-in hybrids representing the company’s firm belief that environmentally conscious cars need not sacrifice passion, style, or performance. Fisker Automotive is a global company that is redefining luxury for the modern sports car buyer. For more information on the brand and the Fisker Karma Sedan, please go to

About Deeza Chassis Parts
Deeza Chassis Parts, based in Totowa, NJ, is a technology-focused manufacturer of premium chassis parts for the global automotive industry. The company’s high quality products are designed with the latest patented technologies and include: stabilizer links, stabilizer link kits, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends, ball joints and control arms. Deeza Chassis Parts has earned a reputation for superior customer satisfaction due to their responsive customer service team. The company has an on time delivery performance of over 95 percent in North America and Europe. With the latest coverage on new applications, all Deeza Chassis parts include a two-year, 40,000 mile limited warranty. For more information about Deeza Chassis Parts, phone 973-237-1101, e-mail, or visit

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