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See the Newest Smartest Battery Charger in the World

Visit CTEK at Booth Number 371 at AAPEX and 10420 at SEMA

CTEK, the Smartest Battery Charger in the World, will debut its new MULTI US 25000 and all its many features. The versatile charger stands poised to replace standard shop cart chargers with its compact design and powerful performance.

The MULTI US 25000 boasts the CTEK signature, eight step charging process to ensure optimal battery powering upon every charge making it ideal for use in the shop or garage. This patented system synchronizes basic and maintenance charging throughout a fully automatic charge cycle to deliver unparalleled performance in its simplest form. Float capabilities ensure batteries are maintained at full capacity for a 10-days post cycle. After this period, the chargers transition to pulse maintenance; the optimal storage method to enable long-term use and maximum service life. With this multi step charging process, the 25000 is capable of charging faster than most 50 AMP linear chargers and its compact size replaces the big, bulky cart chargers that have been lugged around shops for years.

Beyond the sleek and simple user interface, CTEK Smarter Chargers are powered by cutting edge technology and performance. The MULTI US 25000 utilizes a patented method for automatically reconditioning sulfated batteries through battery analysis and advanced recovery techniques. The built-in weather sensory system adapts charging voltage to accommodate fluctuating battery temperatures with an operating range up to 120°F to ensure effective charging no matter the climate. These robust chargers have achieved an IP44 classification and are fully approved for outdoor use. A built-in surge protector prevents damage to sensitive electronics and the new units are spark proof, short proof and reverse polarity protected.

Another two unique features make the MULTI US 25000 the absolute top of its class – the SUPPLY and RECOND modes. The SUPPLY mode serves as a power supply unit which can run 12V equipment up to 25A while keeping important user settings intact. This setting is also perfect for use as a power supply for flashing/reprogramming ECU’s. The CTEK US 25000 is also specifically designed to support sensitive electronic systems used by today’s top vehicles. Unlike traditional chargers, there is no need to disconnect the battery or risk damaging complex electronic systems through abrupt changes in power sources. The unique RECOND mode restores power capacity in a stratified battery to sustain ultimate battery life, which can be offered as a shop service.

The MULTI US 25000 is making its introduction to the automotive world at AAPEX and SEMA so stop by and meet the powerful lightweight, packed with features, that is sending the boxy cart chargers packing.

About CTEK: Based in Sweden, CTEK Power Inc. designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers and special solutions for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use. Supplied to the most prestigious automotive and PowerSport manufacturers in the world, CTEK chargers use a unique charge algorithm to create a new category of battery charger. These new battery chargers satisfy not only today’s high demands on battery care, but also take the increasing needs of the growing group of new users into consideration. Over four million CTEK battery chargers have been sold in 60 countries throughout the world.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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