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KLD Energy’s Innovative Electric Motor System Named Finalist for Prestigious Edison Awards

What might be the most significant breakthrough in electric motor systems since Thomas Edison’s heyday has made KLD Energy Technologies Inc. a finalist for a prominent award named after the legendary inventor.

Panelists for the 2012 Edison Awards selected KLD’s motor system as one of the finalists in the Energy & Sustainability category. The awards, judged by more than 3,000 product-development, engineering, science and education professionals, recognize outstanding innovation in terms of concept, value, impact and delivery. Edison Award winners will be announced April 26.

KLD’s innovative system – comprising the motor, battery pack and controller- represents a significant advancement in practical use of electric propulsion for high-volume products such as motor scooters and motorcycles, elevators, escalators, forklifts and wind-generation equipment, among others.

“We’re gratified that the Edison Awards recognizes our system as an important technological leap,” said Christian Okonsky, founder and chief executive officer of KLD. “What we’ve developed and are bringing to market is a more powerful and energy-efficient electric motor system that addresses global environmental challenges by making sustainable energy more economical.”

Mr. Okonsky said the implications of KLD’s technology can be enormous.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 50 percent of the world’s energy is consumed by electric motor systems. Another source estimates that a 10-percent improvement in the efficiency of electric motors would reduce global energy costs by $100 billion, while significantly shrinking the related carbon footprint.

“For decades, people have been advocating for electric technology because of its potential for clean, efficient, high-performance propulsion,” Mr. Okonsky said. “That promise has been unfulfilled because the world has been saddled with what’s now 100-year-old electric-motor technology.”

Rather than a traditional iron core, the KLD motor uses a composite material that allows operation at significantly increased frequencies, producing higher power and torque. An innovative battery system, under license from Electron Vault, accommodates different cell chemistries, and is configured to prevent cascading failure of individual cells, extend battery life and lower the cost of service. The controller optimizes performance of the motor system for different applications and specifications, in part by capturing and regenerating kinetic energy.

The first application of KLD’s electric motor system is in motorcycles and scooters. Industry analysts estimate that 140 million electric motorbikes will be sold worldwide from 2011 through 2017. Eclimo Sdn Bhd. of Malaysia and Vmoto of Australia both are preparing to introduce electric scooters and motorcycles based on KLD’s technology. KLD has an agreement with Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co. Ltd. (QJ), one of the world’s largest motorcycle and engine companies, to produce the KLD motor system and use it in QJ’s own products. Contracts with manufacturers in other industries are pending.

About KLD Energy Technologies Inc.

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies’ mission is to develop innovative, sustainable technologies. The company, focused on the research, development and commercialization of advanced technologies, has received acclaim and worldwide interest in its first product, a complete system that redefines the performance of electric propulsion and generation systems in dozens of industries. The system is designed for high-frequency operations, offering revolutionary system efficiency. KLD Energy Technologies is dedicated to bringing clean technologies to a global marketplace. For more information, visit

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