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Lear Corporation, a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical power management systems, today announced the presentation of the Lear “Supplier of the Year” Award, the highest honor Lear can bestow upon a supplier, to ten suppliers based on their outstanding performance during 2011.

This year’s Award recipients demonstrated excellence in quality, innovation, delivery, service and competitiveness during 2011. Lear honored the winners yesterday during a ceremony at Lear’s Southfield headquarters.

“Lear is proud to recognize our best suppliers. While we value the contributions of all of our suppliers, inclusion on this select list signifies truly superior overall performance,” said Matt Simoncini, Lear’s president and chief executive officer. “Our ‘Supplier of the Year’ winners have shown an unwavering commitment to excellence in quality, innovation, cost efficiency and a willingness to go above and beyond in assisting Lear in serving our customers in today’s highly competitive global market.”

Lear’s Suppliers of the Year for 2011 were selected from among the more than 2,000 companies that supply Lear globally. Below are the 2011 winners:

Supplier Product/Service Supplied
——– ————————
BAE Industries, Inc.* Seat Mechanisms
CEVA Group PLC Logistics
Delfingen Industry SA Wire Harness Components
Grand Rapids Controls Co., LLC Seat Mechanisms
Guelph Tool Inc. Seat Mechanisms
I.G. Bauerhin GmbH Seat Sensors
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Passive Electronic Components
Power-Sonic Corporation Plastic Moldings
TR Fastenings Ltd. Seat Fasteners
Wieland-Werke AG Performance Alloys

*BAE Industries, Inc. also recognized as Lear’s “Diverse Supplier of the Year”

BAE Industries, Inc.

BAE Industries, Inc. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan that manufactures and supplies recliner and latch mechanisms for Lear. BAE has consistently exceeded Lear’s expectations by providing world class quality, on-time delivery and pricing.

Additionally, with the ever-changing economic pressures, BAE has continually worked to utilize its resources in order to meet Lear and OEM customer requirements.


CEVA, headquartered in Hoofdorp, Netherlands, is a leading supplier to Lear of ocean and air freight and distribution service solutions.

CEVA is one of the world’s largest non-asset based freight forwarders and specializes in global logistics transportation. CEVA excels in providing rapid solutions that reduce costs and protect Lear’s supply chain.

Delfingen Industry SA

Specializing in the global manufacture and development of protection and fastening components for electrical wiring harnesses, Delfingen exceeded Lear’s expectations during 2011 with best-in-class customer service, quality and delivery and proactive participation in advance engineering and Cost Technology Optimization initiatives.

Headquartered in France and with a global manufacturing footprint, including low cost countries, Delfingen is a leader in innovation and has demonstrated exemplary cooperation with Lear.

Grand Rapids Controls Co., LLC

Grand Rapids Controls is a leader in developing and producing control cables and actuators for the automotive, aerospace and office industries. While GRC’s headquarters and North American manufacturing center of excellence are located in Rockford, Michigan, it achieves a global low-cost footprint with manufacturing operations in Qingdao, China.

GRC has consistently supported a preferred supplier status with Lear by meeting and exceeding Lear’s supplier requirements in cost, quality, technology, and customer service. GRC continues to be an industry leader in providing intelligent, globally cost competitive solutions to meet the needs of Lear and its customers.

Guelph Tool Inc.

Guelph Tool headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, is a leading manufacturer of metal assemblies, stampings, head rest rods and wire/tube forming. Guelph currently supports Lear from its production facilities in Guelph and Atlanta.

Guelph’s commitment to continuously improving product quality and to demonstrating superior commercial flexibility has made it a preferred supplier to Lear for several years. Guelph maintains its position as a cost competitive industry leader by mitigating economic challenges and meeting Lear’s annual commercial targets.

I.G. Bauerhin GmbH

Specializing in the global manufacturing and development of seat heat mats, climate systems and electrical seat belt reminder sensors, I.G. Bauerhin exceeds Lear’s expectations with best-in-class customer service, quality and delivery and pro-active participation in advance engineering, Cost Technology Optimization initiatives and joint patent applications.

From its headquarters in Germany and manufacturing facilities around the world, including low-cost countries, I.G. Bauerhin continuously proves itself an innovative world leader committed to success through exemplary cooperation with Lear.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Murata is a leading supplier to Lear of passive electronic components. Headquartered in Japan, Murata is a global company that specializes in the design and production of capacitors, resistors and various filter technologies. Bolstered by its significant experience in supplying these components, Murata has provided Lear with products and services above and beyond expectation.

Murata’s commitment to technological innovation, as well as its outstanding customer support and quality, has made it a valued Lear supplier.

Power-Sonic Corporation

The Power-Sonic Corporation, headquartered in San Diego, is best known as a global leader in rechargeable batteries for industrial, home and recreational applications. In addition to being a global leader in power solutions, Power-Sonic also services the automotive and electronic industries as a world-class plastic injection molder, providing a wide range of injection molded capabilities to the North American market.

Power-Sonic is a Lear preferred supplier as a result of its intense focus on quality, low cost manufacturing and consistent on time delivery. Understanding the cost pressures of the automotive industry, Power-Sonic is an industry leader in mitigating economic constraints and providing cost savings initiatives to Lear.

TR Fastenings Ltd.

TR Fastenings Ltd. is an international manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings headquartered in Uckfield, UK. TR Fastenings supplies over 5,000 companies, across industries and the globe, and has manufacturing capabilities in Asia and Europe.

TR Fastenings consistently meets Lear Corporation’s demands in customer service, quality and delivery, and increasingly participates in Lear’s standardization process for fasteners.

Wieland-Werke AG

A worldwide leader in supplying high performance alloys to the automotive and non-automotive markets, Wieland-Werke AG consistently meets Lear’s increasing demand for high tolerance, high performance copper alloys for its terminals and connectors. Wieland exceeds Lear’s expectations through a combination of a dedicated customer service team, year over year best in class quality and delivery, and on-site joint workshops supporting advance engineering and Cost Technology Optimization initiatives.

Headquartered in Ulm, Germany with manufacturing facilities and partners throughout the world, Wieland is well positioned to support Lear’s new terminals and connectors facility in Yang Zhou, China, scheduled to open in 2012.

Lear Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive seating and electrical power management systems. The Company’s world-class products are designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of approximately 98,000 employees located in 35 countries. Lear’s headquarters are in Southfield, Michigan, and Lear is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol [LEA]. Further information about Lear is available on the internet at

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