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U.S. Secretary of Energy Views Odyne Plug-in Hybrid Technology for Medium and Heavy Trucks

Odyne Partnered With DOE to Develop and Field an Improved Hybrid Propulsion System That Reduces Fuel Consumption, Emissions and Noise at the Work Site

Odyne Systems LLC President and CEO, Joe Dalum, discussed the operation and fuel saving benefits of Odyne’s new hybrid technology with Dr. Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy and others from the Department of Energy following Dr. Chu’s keynote at the Green Truck Summit on Monday, March 5. Odyne, as partner in a project with the Department of Energy, has developed and fielded an improved plug-in hybrid system for medium and heavy duty trucks which is on display at the NTEA show.

Odyne’s advanced plug-in hybrid system provides improved fuel economy, lower emissions, quieter operation at the job site, improved acceleration and other benefits. Their hybrid technology helps to displace the use of expensive fossil fuels with lower cost, cleaner, domestically produced electricity from the grid. Odyne offers the system on a variety of chassis makes and models in new or retro-fitted work trucks.

Odyne plans to further enhance their technology, including eventual deployment of smart charging, where the vehicle may communicate with smart grid infrastructure, and faster charging methods. Odyne’s technology saves fuel during driving through parallel hybrid functionality, including electric hybrid launch assist and regenerative braking. Additional fuel and emission savings are obtained at the job site, where the engine is turned off. While the truck is at rest, the Odyne hybrid system, featuring an industry leading battery system and electric motor, supplies power for the truck functions, including electrically driven air conditioning. Fuel savings of up to 50% are possible, depending upon the duty cycle of the truck.

Odyne President and CEO, Joe Dalum, also met with Dr. Chu during an industry round table at the Green Tree Summit.

About Odyne Systems, LLC
Odyne is a leader in hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Odyne’s advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables trucks over 14,000 pounds to have substantially lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved performance, quieter job site operation and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Odyne has fielded more plug-in hybrid trucks to fleets throughout the United States than any other supplier. The company sells its unique modular hybrid system for new and retrofit applications direct to truck manufacturers and through a global distribution and service network. The name Odyne represents the combination of “O” for Optimal and “dyne” for power or force. Odyne’s hybrid system for medium and heavy duty trucks represents the best hybrid power solution for large trucks. For further information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter @Odyne.

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