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A tribute to Mandeep Singh Dhillon “Steve Barclay”

Mandeep Singh Dhillon “Steve Barclay” as he was known to Automotive Industries readers passed away on Friday, April 6, 2012 RIP at the age of 43. Steve was an associate publisher with Automotive Industries, with 20 years of automotive industry experience, at the highest levels. “Steve” was a great guy, the “life and soul” of a party or gathering. He never failed to impress those who met and worked with him, be they clients, colleagues or industry contacts, says AI publisher John Larkin. “Steve was a true professional. He brought love, humor, and feelings into all his relationships be they work, family or in his social life. Steve would build relationships and families of friends wherever he went. Everyone was his ‘mother,’ ‘father,’ ‘brother’ or ‘sister’. We miss him, and our deepest sympathy and love are with Steve’s family.”


These are some of the tributes paid to Steve by his colleagues:

Clinton and Charlita
Steve, known you a long time, friend. I don’t know how you did it, but you were the only person in the World that I would allow to call my house, waking us up at 4/5am in the morning to watch old classic re-runs of Dallas!! You saw yourself as JR Ewing (I guess due to your mischievous, scheming nature) and naturally me as Bobby Ewing (Due to my dark, smoldering good looks, naturally!). Travelling together on AI Business and projects taking on the World:- Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, New Delhi…e.t.c. We were the three Amigos, or Musketeers – We will miss you. Peace to your soul brother. I commend you to the hands of our Lord and Creator, in your continuing journey.


To my dearest brother Steve,
First and foremost, you are and will always be a legend to me. I thank you for all the good and the bad times, but at least they were real. It was an absolute pleasure!!!
It is not every day you meet a person with a golden heart, who would not only give away his shirt on his back, but also his watch and shoes, or should I say Cowboy boots. That was Steve.

The true lesson I learnt from Mr. Barclay was how to pick up a phone and be whoever I wanted to be. Steve had an unbelievable voice and manner, a true professional.
Even though this news comes as a shock to all of us, I am happy that Steve did not suffer and when his time had come, he was not alone. Thank you so much Sunita!!!!!!!
It was truly amazing to learn that even after the pain had set in and the ambulance was called in, Steve refused to be carried down 3 flights of stairs, but chose to walk down by himself.

Then in his is final moments, he fell into Sunita arms and left this world with his good old cheeky grin. Even though you are not here in person, your spirit will always be with all of us.

Ronald Charles
Thank you for your – determination, courage, energy and unique-love.
I believe: My Way, as performed by Frank Sinatra (lyrics), best describes (how you lived your journey):

May God’s forgiveness and love continue with you and your loved ones
Rest in peace

Jon Knox
This is a lesson to us all that shows us how fragile our physical existence on this plane really is. Let´s make the most of the precious time that we individually have left. My personal prayers go out to Steve. RIP

Rob and Julia
We would like to express our sincere and deepest condolences for Steve’s passing. Steve will be affectionately remembered for his joy of life, his great banter and spirit. With sympathy to his fiancé and family.
Cathy, Tematics Update Brazil and LATAM
I just wanted to pass on my personal condolences to you guys in relation to Steve.
I had the pleasure of working with him on a few shows and he seemed a lovely guy.

Lenny Case
I am shocked, and deeply saddened at this tragic news. My thoughts are with Steve’s family and fiancé. God Bless Steve.


Steve will be remembered with love and shall be GREATLY missed…he’ll never ever really be that far away because when there is love no distance can separate; we are tied together by an invisible thread that nothing has the power to break

David Law

Sad but hopefully he will be in a better place now!

Steve Kelly
Terribly sad news about Steve. Naturally as a very special friend Claire & I will really miss him.

Tony Tickner

He is up there partying with the other space jocks.


We are all deeply saddened by the news of Steve’s death; our thoughts go out to you and all the team at Automotive Industries.

I am sorry to hear the terrible news about Steve and I send my best wishes to you and your team.

Michael Moriarty

Very simple there will only ever be one Steve Barclay, that is for sure. RIP.

Justin Ferber , England
A superb person, Respected by most. I have many things to say and am devastated by his departure. The least he could have done is throw a party. He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

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