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CODA Automotive’s First Art Car on Display at LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012

All-Electric CODA Wrapped in iPad® Art Featured at Inaugural Mobile Digital Arts Festival

CODA Automotive, a leading developer of all-electric vehicles, today announced its first art-wrapped 2012 CODA EV will be on display at the first-ever Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival (LA-MAF). Internationally renowned digital artist Matthew Watkins transformed the CODA into mobile art with a digital finger-painting he developed on his portable iPad®. The CODA iPad Art Car will be on display at the festival August 18-August 25, located at the Santa Monica Art Studios in a historic Santa Monica airport hangar.

“We’re excited to be a part of the first-ever LA Mobile Arts Festival and work with an artist as innovative as Matthew Watkins as we share the passion for innovations in mobile technology,” said Thomas Hausch, CODA Automotive senior vice president of sales, marketing, and aftersales. “Matthew’s art beautifully depicts the positive impact that clean technology and innovation have on the world. We’re particularly pleased the CODA will be featured inside a Santa Monica airport hangar – where the company was founded just four years ago and where the first prototype was built – as a part of a groundbreaking moment in mobile art.”

Slated to be the focal point of LA-MAF’s main room, Arena 1, the first art-wrapped CODA EV features the tech- and eco-centric imagery of Italian-based mobile artist, Matthew Watkins. A pioneer in mobile art, Watkins drew a composition of animals, robots, and machine parts on his iPad with the Brushes app. The drawings were then transferred to film and finally applied to the CODA’s body, resulting in a composition of green, orange, and yellow imagery.

“The CODA electric vehicle was an ideal canvas for this art wrap,” said Watkins. “The CODA’s innovative electric battery technology inspired me to create a vision of what tomorrow might look like – a green machine that blends nature with future industry. As CODA continues to push the boundaries of electric cars, LA-MAF and I want to take the mobile art movement to the next level. Together, we’re progressing all forms of mobile technology to a more innovative and beautiful tomorrow.”

The new 2012 CODA is the first all-electric five-passenger, compact sedan with full rear seating and trunk space that meets American drivers’ daily transportation needs without an ounce of gasoline:

— Best-in-class driving range((1)):The 31kWh 2012 CODA mileage vehicle
features an EPA rated combined range of 88 miles per charge. Depending
on driving habits and other factors, it can be driven up to 125 miles on
a single charge, nearly four times the average daily commute((2)).
— Fast and easy recharging: A 6.6kW onboard charging capability provides a
full charge in about six hours on 240 V (Level 2 EVSE)( )((3)).
— Reliable EV Battery Technology: The CODA sedan is powered by an
efficient Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack with an industry
leading 10-year, 100,000-mile limited battery warranty.
— Dependable range: The active thermal management system provides constant
battery care to help optimize the battery pack’s performance in hot and
cold weather conditions((1)).
— Available now in California: The 31kWh 2012 CODA has a MSRP of $37,250.
In California, federal and individual state tax saving and credits may
bring the price down to $27,250((4)).
The first-ever LA-MAF is the largest mobile art event, showcasing nearly 200 mobile artists from around the world. The eight-day group exhibition will feature pieces of mobile photography and other forms of mobile digital art. LA-MAF is sponsored by CODA, and hosted by (IPA), the leading international community in the underground mobile art movement.

The Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival will be hosted at the Santa Monica Art Studios, located at 3026 Airport Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90405. More information on CODA Automotive and the 2012 CODA is available at More information on LA-MAF and is available at

About (IPA) is an online mobile art community dedicated to pioneering the mobile arts. There are more than 5,000 members, 50% international. IPA launched two years ago as a modern-day artists’ colony, and conceived of the LA Mobile Arts Festival as a culmination of the first years of this new movement.

About CODA Automotive

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CODA Automotive is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and sells all-electric vehicles. The first CODA EV is a zero emission four-door, five-passenger sedan with a full-size trunk that is designed to meet American drivers’ daily transportation needs. Its parent company, CODA Holdings, and its other business lines – CODA EV Propulsion Systems and CODA Energy – develop clean technology products to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels and the social, economic and environmental destruction that follows. For more information, visit

iPad® and iPhone® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Computer, Inc. is not affiliated with CODA Automotive, Inc. and does not endorse CODA Automotive, Inc.’s products.

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