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Reliable and fast machine-to-machine (M2M) communica¬tion has become a critical system requirement for automo¬biles – and the need for this technology is accelerating as the world shifts from traditional fossil fuelled cars to elec¬tric and hybrid vehicles. 

For example, a driver of an electric vehicle (EV) arrives at the parking area of his or her workplace. Before exiting the vehicle, they use an M2M communication system secured by Gemalto and enabled by Cinterion to choose between three charging modes: fast, normal, and eco. The charging mode and the current battery status are communicated by the M2M telematics system over wireless networks to both the driver and the operator of the EV charging station. Traditional fossil fuel powered and hybrid vehicles are also becoming increasing connected.

According to Laetitia Jay, Marketing Director, M2M Solutions and Services at Gemalto, the requirements of M2M applications present durability challenges for wireless components. Gemalto is the world leader in digital security and the creator of Cinterion Machine-to-Machine (M2M) products and services. In order to ensure the security and reliability of embedded vehicle communication systems, OEMs need to select wireless components that are optimized to withstand excessive heat, cold, moisture and vibration. Standard SIM cards have proven unsuitable under most of these extreme conditions. 

Gemalto’s SIM platform, or Machine Identification Module, (MIM™), has been designed specifically for M2M applications. MIMs ensure that mobile operators “can claim and retain” a significant stake in this new market while providing new opportunities for M2M integrators, OEMs and customers, according to Jay. Building on Gemalto’s proven SIM technology, MIMs secure the identity of machines communicating on carrier networks and provide security authentication and ciphering information, among other features.
Auto-grade MIMs are used by mobile operators, automotive manufacturers and OEMs to identify individual vehicles; encrypt M2M communications, and ensure secure global connectivity for applications such as smart vehicle systems, eCall emergency solutions and vehicle telematics. 

“Juniper Research estimates there will be 92 million connected vehicles in operation by 2016. As consumers increasingly rely on systems that provide convenience, security and reduced emissions due to embedded navigation and real time traffic updates, the need for fail-safe wireless connectivity has never been greater,” says Benoit Jouffrey, Vice President of M2M Value Added Services at Gemalto. 

In June 2012, Gemalto launched a MIM system specifically designed for the automotive market. The Gemalto facilities are among the first to have been certified ISO/TS 16949 compliant in order to meet the automotive industry standards. Gemalto is currently the only MIM supplier certified to meet these automotive standards.

The ruggedized Gemalto auto-grade MIM is engineered for enhanced durability, endurance and longevity under operating conditions of extreme heat, vibration, corrosion and humidity. It offers advanced operating system features for optimized memory management and data retention, such as a 17-year lifespan and one billion erase/write cycles. 

Gemalto MIMs are M2M optimized to:
• Survive extremes of vibration, temperature, and humidity
• Endure a long life span (exceeding: 10 years)
• Occupy a small footprint (miniaturization)
• Withstand and easily integrate into industrial manufacturing processes 

The MIM cards are supported by a flexible personalization service to handle the logistics and deployment requirements of a connected car and driver. It leverages a secure cloud-based service delivery platform, as well as device management platforms for remote activation and configuration. 

More than MIMs: reliable automotive-grade M2M com¬munication modules
In November 2011, Gemalto launched the Cinterion AH3, a new high-speed automotive M2M module which easily integrates with Gemalto MIM technology. Featuring a new triple-diversity antenna design, the Cinterion AH3 delivers reliable, always-on communications across global 2G and 3G cellular networks. It is used in advanced automotive applications including onboard vehicle computing, Internet access, fleet management as well as automatic eCall, emergency roadside assistance and integrated hands-free calling. The module’s SIM Access Profile enables easy integration of additional wireless devices, connection with smartphones and software applications, while analog audio processing and advanced voice support provide superior hands-free capabilities. 

Gemalto has further expanded its range with the Cinterion AGS2, the world’s smallest surface mount automotive M2M module for voice and data communications for vehicle telematics. AGS2 is the first Cinterion product offered as an Associate Partner in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance program. The alliance provides OEMs and developers with the advanced hardware, software, firmware, tools and systems integration support needed to bring leading-edge technology solutions to market faster. 

With flexible Land Grid Array (LGA) surface mounting technology, the AGS2 module enables simplified process manufacturing for cost effective vehicle telematics such as fleet management solutions, car alarms and eCall. The module features a secure Internet protocol connection, best-in-class digital audio and advanced voice technology with voice prompts. Quad-band capability helps eliminate coverage disruptions, providing reliable communications when roaming between countries and across different carrier networks. The module’s advanced jamming detection feature strengthens theft prevention, while its low power consumption helps extend vehicle battery life. 

Beyond automotive
Gemalto offers a range of MIM products suited to any M2M application. The U-MIM Quad, with its theft resistant miniaturized standardized format (TS 102.671) is designed for consumer M2M applications. The Gemalto (FULL) M2M Quad also in the miniaturized standardized format (TS 102.671) features semiconductor packaging that is resistant to high temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius plus excessive shock, vibration and humidity. Gemalto says its M2M(PLUG) 85 is designed to replace classic SIMs in existing modems. It comes in a standard SIM card format and is suitable for environments up to 85°C. Similarly, the M2M(PLUG) 105 also has a standard SIM card format to replace classic SIMs in existing solutions. It is made with an even more robust material resistant to extremely harsh environments and temperatures up to 105°C. Like the (FULL) M2M Quad and the M2M(PLUG) 85 it is JEDEC certified and has an extended life mechanism.

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