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Novi, Mich.-based automotive supplier Preh has developed and now manufactures integrated center stack control panels for the 2013 Ford Fusion.

The project awarded to Preh comprises three versions of integrated center stacks for Fusion models S, SE and Titanium, which include a base version, operated by traditional push buttons, a “mid”-version with a touch-sensitive control surface and an exclusive branded version, also with a touch-sensitive surface.

All the center stacks integrate both the infotainment and the HVAC functions. With various assembly options regarding infotainment, and the choice between a single-zone or a dual-zone electronic climate control, each center stack version can be delivered in numerous variants.

Preh, Inc. President Nick Lontscharitsch said, “The Fusion is part of Ford’s global platform. We have developed the center stacks at three different Preh locations – in the United States, at our company headquarters’ R&D center in Germany, and at Preh Romania. Production is global as well. The center stack base version is produced at Preh de Mexico, the mid-version at Preh Germany and the branded version at Preh Portugal.”

The Preh center stacks follow a modular approach designed for the global platform. At Preh’s international manufacturing sites, the tooling and the injection-molded control panel itself are produced – including a charcoal metallic paint finish – as well as the electronics hardware. The development work also covered the climate control software, which is a key factor in ensuring a maximum driver climate comfort experience. In addition, the software for the touch-sensitive control surfaces of the mid- and branded versions was also developed by Preh, in which the elected functions are activated by capacitive sensing.

About Preh
Founded in 1919, Preh is a globally operating group of enterprises with more than 3,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, Germany. Preh’s development and production competencies focus on vehicle interior control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units and assembly systems for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

Apart from the parent manufacturing and development center in Bad Neustadt, Preh oversees manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Mexico, Romania and China, as well as a customer support center in Novi/Detroit, U.S.A. Preh achieved revenues of €412 million in 2011. For more information, please visit: