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Metallic Catalytic Converter Substrate Manufacturer Committed to Quality

Advanced Clean Air Technologies (ACAT) Global today announced it has been certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard. The internationally approved ISO 9001 provides businesses with the foundation to better customer satisfaction, motivate staff and continually improve overall business operations.

“Our goal is to produce the highest quality catalytic converters in the world and ISO 9001 certification ensures that we have robust quality and production procedures in place to meet customer expectations,” said Joe A. Moch, ACAT CEO. “By evaluating every step of our production process we ensure efficiency, repeatability and consistent high quality output to continuously deliver premium product to our customers.”

ACAT Global manufactures the world’s lightest, smallest and most efficient catalytic converter substrates. ACAT acquired all the technology and manufacturing assets from Delphi’s metallic catalytic converter division in 2010, after Delphi had invested $500 million over 20 years to bring its substrate technology to the marketplace.

ISO 9001 was introduced in 2000 and is the combination of three standards: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003. Its quality management guidelines have been adopted by thousands of organizations around the world, providing processes and procedures to help companies improve the quality of the products and/or services they provide. To achieve ISO accreditation, businesses need to demonstrate that they have met a number of requirements, including the full commitment and backing of senior management; design process; supplier vetting; inspection and testing; and internal audits.

ISO certification is a two-step accreditation process. First, an accreditation firm must be contacted and auditors are contracted to visit and evaluate the company. Upon successfully completing the audit, certification is granted and annual audits are conducted to monitor the company’s performance. Certification needs to be renewed every three years.

According to Moch, ACAT plans to pursue ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification – which helps a company reduce its impact on the environment’s air, water and land – in 2013.

About ACAT Global
ACAT Global LLC of Charlevoix, Mich., utilizes patented and proprietary technology and processes to manufacture the world’s lightest, smallest and most effective metallic catalytic converter substrates. The substrates, which use up to 30 percent less raw materials than the competition, improve efficiency while reducing pollutants emitted by internal combustion engines, fuel cells or any power source that creates emissions (from motorcycles to industrial facilities, such as power plants and oil refineries). ACAT Global strives to help clients meet their emissions reduction goals by providing solutions that comply with North American (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board) and worldwide emissions policies. For more information, visit

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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