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Web Based, Quality Software Tool Featuring Improved SPC Functions and Multilingual Capabilities

IQS recently unveiled version 2.0.36 of its fully integrated enterprise compliance and quality control management software. Three key features of this latest version were announced: an improved Java statistical process control (SPC) charting function, a new multilingual capability, and compatibility with SQL Server 2012.

As an upper-echelon quality control management software developer, IQS has solidified the company’s stake in the manufacturing industry even further by expanding the versatility of its software. Together, these upgrades offer further proof of the company’s commitment to provide IT solutions that answer the real-world problems of the company’s top-tier international clientele.

The first new feature within version 2.0.36 is an improvement upon the platform’s current SPC functionality. Among quality control departments in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and general manufacturing industries, SPC represents a vital link in the quality control chain. Actionable information gleaned from automated SPC tools can be invaluable; and in recognition of this, the latest version of IQS’ software offers a more robust SPC capability.

The IQS platform has already been engineered to generate control charts, histograms and Pareto charts among many other critical SPC tools. Today, software version 2.0.36 includes an improved Java SPC charting capability, which can accommodate even larger, more complex enterprise-sized data sets. Enterprises that demand scalable, real-time solutions can now fully leverage the SPC charting tools of software version 2.0.36 to conduct deeper analyses into their data, empowering them to become more profitable and competitive.

IQS’ latest software also supports more languages than previous releases. Enterprises in search of strategies to collect, organize and manage multilingual data sets back and forth across international borders will find this feature particularly intriguing. Version 2.0.36 now supports German, Hungarian, Italian, French and Spanish in addition to English, the software’s primary language.

Enterprises that conduct supply chain operations overseas certainly understand how critical multilingual support is to software that is deployed in an effort to streamline compliance and quality assurance. By offering five new languages in addition to an improved Java SPC charting function, IQS has created one of the most agile integrated software platforms in the manufacturing industry.

When developing software version 2.0.36, IQS gave special attention to SQL Server 2012 compatibility to ensure that users have the benefit of one of the most widely used SQL solutions in the United States and abroad. Internationally focused enterprises will find this SQL Server compatibility essential to their global database upgrade projects. The accelerating pace of commerce globalization demands no less, and the improvements featured in IQS’ software version 2.0.36 seek to meet and support this growing demand.

IQS aims to continue expanding and improving upon its services to the automotive, aerospace, medical device and general manufacturing industries. By adding these three improvements featured in software version 2.0.36, IQS has expanded the versatility of an increasingly agile compliance and quality control platform.

About IQS

Founded in 1988, IQS has continuously searched for the best technology to assist its customers in successfully managing and improving their business and performance in today’s competitive market. IQS offers a flexible, integrated, web-base software system that empowers clients to increase their profitability and competitiveness, achieving industry registration faster and at a lower cost to the client.

IQS helps customers reduce risk while improving visibility among key aspects of business processes and performance. The IQS software model provides an enterprise-wide framework to manage compliance with multiple government regulations, quality assurance standards and compliance mandates.

IQS’ integrated data hub provides clients with actionable insight into performance and risk-related metrics. Today, leading companies across multiple industries are using IQS to manage and improve key business processes, assuring higher levels of quality compliance and risk management.

If enterprise representatives would like to learn more information about IQS’ integrated software services, or to schedule an interview with IQS, please contact Karleen Radke at (440) 333-1344

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Mon. February 26th, 2024

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