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IBS Group Member to Collaborate with Ford on an Open-Source Car Connectivity Standard

IBS Group [ ], a leading software development and IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, announces that Luxoft [ ], a member of the IBS Group and a global provider of advanced application and product development services, will work with Ford to develop an open-source car connectivity technology, called SmartPhoneLink. The new open standard will combine the features of Ford’s AppLink(TM) software with Luxoft’s open-source iviLink as well as connectivity solutions from other organizations willing to contribute their code.

“Luxoft has been steadfastly committed to creation of an industry-wide open standard for car connectivity and integration of mobile devices and apps,” said Vasiliy Suvorov, VP Technology Strategy at Luxoft. “The technology fragmentation that we currently see in the market inhibits the growth of car connectivity solutions and limits amount of innovation and creativity that app developers can bring. We see the decision by Ford to contribute its market-leading AppLink technology to the developer community as an important milestone toward a common connectivity standard. Luxoft will work with Ford to integrate the top features of our open source iviLink technology into SmartPhoneLink and will focus on helping to bring the new platform to automakers worldwide.”

iviLink is an open source technology developed specifically to facilitate bringing apps into cars safely and efficiently. iviLink attracts a large developer community, thus benefiting the industry with advanced applications and use cases. iviLink is an API-centric open technology with a profile-based architecture that gives OEMs full control over all features to guarantee safe operations. iviLink operates over any serial link such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and is designed to work with a wide variety of head units and mobile devices.

The GENIVI Alliance is leading the adoption of an open-source development platform for in-vehicle infotainment. Luxoft is one of the key players in the GENIVI Alliance’s effort that is focused on developing standards for technologies dedicated to connectivity of external consumer devices to a head unit. Along with other GENIVI members, Luxoft is driving the creation of a Smart Device Connectivity solution that will combine the best capabilities of iviLink and all other technologies under one roof. Such a standard will usher in a new era of car compatible apps that will redefine the car experience for drivers and passengers.

Luxoft will work with Ford and the entire developer community to add such vital and unique features of iviLink as symmetrical two-way app integration to the new standard.
After the new standard has been adopted by the industry, Luxoft plans to continue working on developing new applications and adding capabilities to this open source technology, which will further enrich the user experience. You can learn more about Luxoft’s car connectivity technology, iviLink, at

About IBS Group Holding Limited

IBS Group is a leading software development and IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Through its two principal subsidiaries, Luxoft and IBS IT Services, it offers a wide variety of information technology services, such as software development and IT services outsourcing, IT infrastructure and business applications implementation. IBS Group has business operations in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Vietnam and Singapore. IBS Group employs more than 8,300 people worldwide. In the year ended March 31, 2012, the Group reported US GAAP consolidated revenues of USD816.3 million. IBS Group’s Global Depositary Receipts are listed on the Regulated Market (General Standard) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Bloomberg: IBSG:GR;
Reuters: IBSGq.F)

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