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NIRA Dynamics AB to Expand Linköping, Sweden Office by 60% 2013

To follow the demand for TPI (Tire Pressure Indicator), NIRA is substantially expanding both in headcount and space.

“In May 2013, we plan to finalize the final step of our current office and workshop space extension. We will then have doubled the available office space and more than doubled the workshop area compared to 2011” says Helene Thibblin-Adlers, CFO.

The engineering workforce increased by 60% between 2006 and January 2012. Until end of
2013 alone, another 60% is planned. Generally, there is a problem finding the right competencies, but the location in Mjärdevi Science Park and the vicinity to Linköping University helps this situation.

This growth reflects the development of the customer portfolio and sales figures.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are one of the most dynamic areas among car features.
Driven by legislation and environmental awareness, the market for TPMS is literally exploding.

TPI series application started in 2006 with Audi as the first customer. By the end of 2011, there were four vehicle manufacturers as customers and by 2013, it has grown to seven.

Jörg Sturmhoebel, CMO: “Since market introduction in 2006, we have achieved a yearly growth rate of around 100% in terms of TPI licenses sold. Increasing the workforce at the same pace is basically impossible for any organisation and is also not suitable reaction to our customer’s demand for increasingly shorter development times and higher efficiency.”

Beyond the sheer capacity and space increase, optimized tools, processes and organizational structures are needed.

A whole new organization has been introduced in January 2013. Within the development department, there are now dedicated specialist teams for application, integration and development of new products. Together with a new project management team comprising mainly of key account managers, this creates an effective matrix organisation with clear and competent customer and project interfaces and an improved utilization of synergies between projects. Core competencies are now concentrated in the specialist teams supporting and participating in the customer projects.

Dr. Predrag Pucar, CEO: “With the new organisation, NIRA is well prepared for healthy and sustainable growth in the coming years. We can now easily handle new customers and projects within the organisational structures and grow organically. As a side effect, this creates a more stable environment for our employees despite the dynamic market, which will surely contribute to a further improved employee satisfaction.”

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Sat. June 22nd, 2024

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