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Natural Gas Industry Allies Urge Congress to Fund NGV R&D

NGVAmerica joined with a group of NGV advocates – including the American Gas Association, the American Public Gas Association and the Gas Technology Institute – in requesting that Congress provide $30 million next year for NGV research and development. In a letter to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations, the organizations ask the committees to approve the funding for research that will reduce costs and improve efficiency and durability of advanced natural gas engines and vehicles, fuel storage and fueling infrastructure, including home fueling systems.

The funding request also seeks $100 million for research and development to create best “well-to-wheels” practices to further reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment. An additional $40 million is sought to create technologies designed to improve efficiencies in the commercial and residential sectors encompassing both waste heat recovery and combined heat and power disciplines.

“We have a huge natural gas resource base right here at home and we should capitalize on it to displace foreign oil,” said Richard Kolodziej, President of NGVAmerica. “Natural gas vehicles are the best way to do that. They are a here and now technology, but, through more research and development, natural gas vehicles will get even more efficient, more cost-effective and cleaner.”

About NGVAmerica
NGVAmericais a national organization dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane. NGVAmerica represents more than 200 companies, environmental groups, and government organizations interested in the promotion and use of natural gas and biomethane as transportation fuels. Our member companies are those that produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across the country; manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment; and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels. For more information about NGVAmerica, visit

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Sat. February 24th, 2024

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