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Teknia Group selects Ernst & Young as a consultant for its expansion plan

Teknia has selected professional services firm, Ernst & Young, as a consultant in the international expansion project,which the company has set-up in order to open new markets and continue to expand the group.

In particular it intends:

* To facilitate the entry of minority investors into the holding company of the Teknia Group through the increase of capital, with the aim of obtaining funding for the expansion projects set out by the Group in its 2013-16 Strategic Plan. The idea is to achieve long-term financial stability, avoiding an increase in the debt ratios set out by the management of the company.

* To gain presence in the Asian market via majority acquisitions in India and/or China. In this way, Teknia will become a benchmark global supplier in the automotive sector, with a presence on five continents and operating in different international markets.

The intention is to achieve the aims within the period set out by the current Strategic Plan (2013-16) of the Teknia Group.

E&Y won the mandate after a selection process lasting over 9 months with 10 top-level entities, boutiques and consultancies.

About Teknia Group
With more than 1,900 employees operating in four continents, TEKNIA GROUP has become a relevant company in the manufacture of components for the automotive industry, by applying basic principles of specialization, technological force, proximity and close collaboration with customers worldwide.

Besides the manufacturing area, TEKNIA has a division that is responsible for the R&D for both internal and external customers and makes it possible to really control technology being a key factor that distinguishes the group as one of related companies in the sector.

For more information, visit the website of Teknia

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Fri. June 14th, 2024

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