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Czech Inventor of Self Inflating Tire Technology Offers Licenses to Tire Manufacturers

The innovative patented CODA Development technology is protected in the USA and Czech and Slovak Republics by 8 granted patents since 2009. The patent process for the Self Inflating Tire (SIT) further continues with international applications submitted in the EU and 12 more countries including Japan, South Korea, India and China.

Widely patented technology enables CODA Development to immediately offer licenses to interested parties wanting to integrate SIT into their production lines.

SIT is the first tire-integrated, fully automatic tire pressure maintenance system utilizing the energy of the wheel to keep the tire optimally inflated at all times. The system integrates a peristaltic tube chamber into the tire wall, which automatically inflates the tire to its optimal air pressure only when needed.

When a vehicle equipped with SIT tires is put in motion, under-inflated tires will automatically re-inflate to their optimal operation pressure, which the system constantly maintains while the tires are in use. This in turn directly impacts the handling of the vehicle, simultaneously increasing the overall driving safety, allowing for optimal fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and prolonging the tire life span.

SIT is an original technology, invented and patented by CODA Development Czech Republic. CODA offers licenses and technical support to all tire manufacturers interested in future oriented automotive products.

CODA Development was founded in 2006 with the mission to bring innovative ideas to life, helping people to enjoy it better. CODA’s SIT patent portfolio consists of more than 30 patent related documents covering 50 countries of the world.

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Tue. February 27th, 2024

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