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Expert forums on “biodiesel”, “bioethanol”, “biomethane” and “biomass demand for biofuel production” give insights into the latest developments

The 11th International Specialist Conference on Biofuels, which will be held on 20-21 January 2014 in Berlin, will again deal with a wide range of topics. Expert forums on biodiesel and the biomass demand for biofuel production will allow for an intensive discussion of current issues. Given the smaller profits, the internationalization of the raw material base, for example, has become increasingly important for the biodiesel producers. The certification systems approved by the European Commission are paving the way for biodiesel or vegetable oil imports from third countries. This diversity reflects in the composition of raw materials for the biodiesel blend at German filling stations. During the forum “biodiesel”, we will present, among other things, the results of two fuel station samplings conducted across Germany on the raw material base (summer and winter quality). Especially, as regards the winter quality, the question arises of whether rapeseed oil as European source will continue to be the most important raw material in the future.

The example of Deutz Agripower engines, equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, will be used to demonstrate that biodiesel as a pure fuel fulfils the highest legal requirements for exhaust emissions. It is particularly important in this context that the stability of biofuels can be achieved by use of antioxidants. The participants will be given an update on the latest research results. In addition, the forum will also address the question of whether new production methods and biofuel qualities are suitable for overcoming blend walls.

In the forum “biomass demand for biofuel production”, the participants will first be given an overview of the global developments in biofuel production and consumption in relation to international political funding frameworks in North and South America, Asia and in the European Union. In light of these developments, the next presentation will pick up the topic of possible raw material price forecasts. The raw material and biofuel prices are increasingly determined by their efficiency to reduce greenhouse gases. Germany is the first country to introduce a greenhouse gas quota in 2015 and therefore a price forming and determining element in the international competition with regard to the greenhouse gas reduction efficiency.

In view of the current debates on the amendment of the Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directive, enormous challenges are arising not only for the European biofuels industry, but also the biofuel industry in third countries such as Argentina, Brazil, the United States as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. The sales strategies of these countries put an important focus on the European market and will now have to be readjusted. The punitive tariffs applied by the European Commission against Argentina and Indonesia show that the trade practices have not been always fair.

The 11th edition of the conference provides an ideal information and discussion platform for these issues.
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