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Benecke-Kaliko Opens Up Creative Possibilities of a Whole New Kind for the Vehicle Interior

2014The Alfa MiTo instrument panel sports the world’sfirst gradient surface technology in series-vehicle production / Spray-misteffect on two-tone surface employing just one material sheet


•             TheAlfa MiTo instrument panel sports the world’s first gradient surface technologyin series-vehicle production


•             Spray-misteffect on two-tone surface employing just one material sheet


The gradient surface technology developed byBenecke-Kaliko opens up to automotive manufacturers’ creative opportunities ofa whole new kind in the design of modern vehicle interiors. It is yet anotherexample of the surface manufacturer’s wide-ranging surface expertise andvirtually unlimited creative versatility. The new technology is celebrating itsworld premiere in series production on the instrument panel of the new AlfaRomeo MiTo.


The instrument panel in this Italian vehicle is a realeye-catcher. The colors on the TEPEO® foil manufactured by Benecke-Kaliko seemto have been sprayed on, transitioning from black to red. “With ourgradient surface technology, we allow automotive manufacturers and suppliers tonow manufacture two-tone interior components using just one single materialsheet,” notes Michael Mäker, head of the Surfaces and Design TechnologyCenter at Benecke-Kaliko, underscoring a further advantage that simplifies themanufacturing process for the customer. What is more, the procedure can beapplied to nearly all materials from Benecke-Kaliko.


The surface manufacturer’s developers had just one yearto realize the customer’s specifications for the two-tone design of theinstrument panel surface and optimize the printing method involved. The mainchallenge here was one of achieving a uniform color gradient for the spray-misteffect and positioning the blend as desired. “This project breaks newground for us and is thus extremely important,” says Mäker. “Afterall, none of our competitors offer a printing method like this for productionvehicles.”


But it is not only the spectacular TEPEO® foil thatimpressed Alfa Romeo. The automotive manufacturer also chose Benecke-Kaliko forthe seats of the MiTo, which are covered in the Acella® material.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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