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CCS Appoints Alexander Klatt as MFA Chair of Transportation Design

TheCollege for Creative Studies (CCS) has appointed Alexander Klatt as MFA Chairof Transportation Design.  Prior to joining the College, Klatt was VicePresident of Global Design at Fisker Automotive, where he led a world-classdevelopment team for the innovative Karma platform, among the world’s firstluxury hybrid electric cars.

“Alexhas the expertise and sensibilities of a creative professional and the acumenof someone who has navigated the world of business,” said Joanne Healy,Dean of Graduate Studies. “It’s a combination that is a core driver forthe MFA Transportation Design program at CCS, so we’re especially excited tohave him join us.”

AsMFA Chair of Transportation Design at CCS, Klatt will be responsible for theoversight and evolution of the graduate curriculum in educating successfuldesigners who can think critically and strategically about transportation andinnovate in response to current and future opportunities.

TheMFA Chair works collaboratively with a number of departments across theCollege. In conjunction with the Deans of Undergraduate and Graduate Studiesand the BFA Chair of Transportation, Klatt will build a cohesive strategicmission for the MFA Transportation Design department. He will work withInstitutional Advancement and Career Services to expand the CCS network ofindustry relationships, project sponsorships, and internship and employmentopportunities for students. Klatt will also lead the development andimplementation of MFA-specific marketing and promotional strategies, summerprograms, and workshops and courses for graduate students.

Klattexplained his decision to leave the auto industry in favor of higher education,”I thought, ‘How can I influence the industry most?’ Now is the time inthe transportation industry to focus on educating the new generation ofdesigners. I want to take the time. I want to focus on students as individualsand find out what their interests are. With my background I want to develop,with CCS’ existing strengths, a program where designers with other backgroundscan become that new generation.”

Adesigner and engineer with a varied creative and business background, Klatthelped build and motivate an interdisciplinary working culture at FiskerAutomotive. As Vice President of Global Design, he led a team of 32 exterior,interior, color and materials and user experience designers, clay and digitalmodelers, and fabricators to develop three variations on the Karma and Atlanticplatforms.

Klattjoined Fisker in 2008 as Director of Interior Design, Color and MaterialsDesign and User Interface Design and not only oversaw all design activities foreach vehicle platform but also designed the interiors of the Karma, Sunset andAtlantic himself. Prior to his work at Fisker, Klatt also held designleadership roles at BMW DesignworksUSA and BMW Group in Germany, among others.

“Thedesigner is typically the only one in the car industry who thinks holisticallyabout the product,” said Klatt. “I see technology coming up wherethere will be dramatic changes. Designers need to be ready for this challenge.It will be a great learning process for students to learn to reinvent and tocome up with more visions for the future of mobility.”

Formore information about the MFA in Transportation Design visit:

About College for Creative Studies:

Located in the heart of Detroit, the College for Creative Studies(CCS) educates artists and designers to be leaders in creative professions. Aprivate, fully accredited college, CCS enrolls more than 1,400 studentspursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees.

Students in the BFA program can major in Advertising: Copywriting,Advertising Design, Crafts, Entertainment Arts, Fine Arts, Graphic Design,Illustration, Interior Design, Photography, Product Design and TransportationDesign, in addition to a dual major Art Education program. Students in the MFAprogram can major in Interdisciplinary Design, Transportation Design, Color andMaterials Design and Interaction Design. The College also offers non-creditcourses in the visual arts through its Precollege and Continuing Studiesprograms and opportunities for youth through its Community Arts Partnershipsprograms.


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