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The UK’s first ever industrialrobot manufacturer is celebrating the launch of two new models, which are setto revolutionise the market by eradicating reliance on second-hand equipmentand helping manufacturing businesses increase profitability.

West Midlands-based Armstrong UEN, which specialises in improving manufacturingefficiencies, has developed an innovative and cost-effective turnkeygantry-style robot and a robotic arm, both of which can be purpose-built tocomplement the engineering and manufacturing sector.

“We are proud to provide bespoke and innovative solutions for our clients,designed and manufactured here in the UK, and the launch our cartesian robotand robotic arm demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our clients’ needs,”explained Peter Richards, Managing Director at Armstrong UEN.

“Prohibitive costs have meant that many people rely on re-purposing second-handrobots which were often designed for much more complex tasks. This bringsunnecessary expense, and complications to businesses, which led us to designsimple but effective robots that are easy to operate, require little trainingto utilise, and – because of their simplicity – are really cost-effective andcarry minimal breakdown risk.”

Following feedback from customers who required transportable machines withlifting abilities and a smaller workshop footprint, Armstrong UEN has pioneeredan easy-to-program gantry-style palletising robot, and has also launched aninnovative industrial robotic arm, both of which are quick and accuratesolutions for a range of material handling applications.

Peter continued: “Using over-engineered products like reprogrammed robots seesfar more complex engineering utilised than needs to be, which causes numerousheadaches for the client – whether that’s during set-up, running, ormaintenance. By keeping our designs simple, we’re able to supply cost-effectivesolutions at the same price as a reconditioned, second-hand robot, but with allthe benefits of a purpose-built new machine. With major savings in overtimecosts to be made, our robots provide a very fast return on investment, withearly suggestions showing just six months for full return on investment. What’smore, they require minimal supervision, meaning that staff don’t have to betied to the line and can be better utilised elsewhere in a business to furtherincrease profitability.”

Armstrong UEN’s cartesian, four-axis industrial robots have a 60kg liftingcapacity, with unlimited travel distances, 3m/s travel speeds, and safeguardsincorporated into the design. Easy to fit into the width of a truck trailer,the robots can be integrated to work alongside existing machinery. In addition,the firm’s robotic arm can be customised to meet specific requirements and dueto its user-friendly software, can be applied to production processeswithin a very short amount of time.

Launched in 2009, West Midlands-based Armstrong UEN is the only UK company todesign and manufacture industrial robots. The business prides itself onproviding quick and purpose-built robotic solutions, specialistindustrial automation equipment, and a range of after sales services thatcomplement and enhance the efficiency of any manufacturing or engineeringbusiness. For more information, please call 0845 643 5326, email, or visit

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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