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Peter Thiel Joins Nanotronics Imaging Board After $7 Million Investment

Nanotronics Imaging today launched a new company blog to share weekly insights and news from the world of optical microscopy, optics, and real-time nanoscale imaging

Founders Fund Partner Peter Thiel has been named to theBoard of Directors for Nanotronics Imaging. Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal andPalantir Technologies, was the first outside investor in Facebook and is widelyregarded as one of the most visionary investors in Silicon Valley.

Nanotronics Imaging, a leading developer of opticalinspection tools for the semiconductor industry, recently completed a $7million Series B financing round from Founders Fund, a San Francisco-basedtechnology investment firm that has backed successful companies includingPalantir, SpaceX, Facebook, ZocDoc and The Climate Corporation.

The news was posted on a new company blog launched this week that will beginposting news, opinions, and insights from the world of optical microscopy,optics, and real-time nanoscale imaging. According to Nanotronics founderMatthew Putman, the new blog is a way for him to share some of his excitementabout the cutting edge technologies his company is bringing to market. “Bycombining the very best in microscopy hardware with software that automatesprocesses that can take a human hours to perform, we are hoping to savecompanies untold amounts of time and money.

“And along the way, we want to share our passion for technology andlooking at the world in a whole new way,” he said.  “So thisblog is a place where we can explain the technology in layman’s terms and sharesome of the amazing images from a world that few people will ever get tosee.”

About NanotronicsImaging

Nanotronics Imaging is a high-tech, cutting edge, microscopy and softwarecompany delivering rapid testing and analysis solutions to sectors ranging frommaterials science, and semiconductors to life science and medicine. NanotronicsImaging nearly quadrupled business in 2012 offering tremendous value andefficiency to inspection systems in the semiconductor sphere. The company wasfounded in 2010 by CEO Matthew Putman, Ph.D., former professor of materialsscience and engineering at Columbia University and John Putman, former CEO ofthe automated instrumentation company Tech Pro, which was sold to RoperIndustries in 2008.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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