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Maxim Integrated’s Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor Featured in Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Maxim's battery monitor enables a smaller, lighter weight, and high-performance lithium-ion battery system.

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ?MXIM) announcedthat its lithium-ion (Li+) battery monitor is being used by Nissan Motor Co.Ltd. for the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid, a sport utility vehicle for the NorthAmerica market.


The Li+ battery system for the Nissan Pathfinder Hybridis supplied by Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.developed the system and incorporated Maxim’s IC.


Maxim’s Li+ battery monitor provides self-diagnostics androbust daisy-chained data communications that easily handles the high-voltagerequirements of the automotive industry. Maxim’s highly integrated solutionenables a smaller, lighter weight, and high-performance Li+ battery system inthe hybrid. Using Hitachi’s battery system with Maxim’s Li+ battery monitor IC,the Pathfinder Hybrid achieves greater driving range than competitive systemsand improves the overall safety of the battery system. 


“Maxim’s battery cell-monitoring IC was integral toachieving the highly reliable, smaller, lighter, and high-power Li+ batterysystem required for the newest hybrid car,” said Mr. Koji Masui,Department Manager, Lithium Ion Battery Development Dept., Hitachi AutomotiveSystems, Ltd.


“The automotive market is a major focus for Maxim,and I am pleased that Nissan selected our cell-monitoring IC for its PathfinderHybrid,” said Kent Robinett, Managing Director, Automotive Marketing forMaxim Integrated. “Maxim is advancing into a next-generation EV/HEVpowertrain system, and we will continue to develop highly integrated productsfor this important market.” 


Maxim, a leader in analog innovation and integration, isunique among semiconductor companies in its ability to integrate extensive anddifferent analog functions on a single chip. Maxim’s highly integratedsolutions help customers produce smaller systems with greater energyefficiency.


About Maxim Integrated

At Maxim Integrated, our designs make the world moreintegrated. And with analog integration, the possibilities are endless. InFiscal 2013, we reported revenues of $2.4 billion.


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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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