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New laser line sensors improve productivity, enable reverse engineering

ZEISS Industrial Metrology announced the new family ofLineScan laser line sensors that improve inspection productivity and enablereverse engineering of complex products on popular CONTURA, ACCURA II andPRISMO CMMs. The new LineScan sensors easily extend the functionality of yourZEISS CMM and are available with stripe widths of 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm.


Inspection productivity is improved by scanningworkpieces at rates of up 700,000 points/second, with a measurement precisionfigure of merit (MPE(PF) as defined by ISO-10360-2) as low as 12 um, andstoring point cloud information in the CMM host computer. With resolution of1280 points/line and no need for an extra controller, the new LineScan sensorsutilize a 658 nm wavelength visible red light source. Each unit is IP54certified to protect from dust and water.


The new LineScan sensors are immediately available withthe new ZEISS CONTURA, ACCURA II and PRISMO CMMs using the ZEISS RDS probesystem and CALYPSO 2014 software. These sensors can also be retrofit to selectZEISS CMMs in the field.


Applications include inspection of car bodies, tools formolds, construction and design tools, as well as reverse engineering ofcontact-sensitive or finely structured surfaces. Reverse engineering is theprocess for creating a 3D computer model from a solid object so that additionalprototypes can then be made from the model.

The new LineScan sensors further expand theindustry-leading selection of active scanning, passive scanning, camera, linescan and optical triangulation sensors available on ZEISS CMM systems.

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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