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Safe Drive Systems Combats Distracted Driving

Elevates Vehicle Safety with Extended Reaction Time and Spatial Awareness Technology

Distracted driving is the cause of 72% of car accidents,resulting in more than 15 people killed and another 1,200 injured each day inthe United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).”Visual-manual tasks can degrade a driver’s focus and increase the risk ofgetting into a crash up to three times,” explains National Highway TrafficSafety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator David L. Strickland on the dangersof distracted driving. The worst, perhaps, is the all-too-common texting whiledriving, which increases the likelihood of a crash by 23 times (Virginia TechTransportation Institute).

Thankfully, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS) reveals that when a car is equipped with forward collision warning, lanedeparture warning, blind spot detection, and adaptive headlights, about 1 in 3fatal crashes and 1 in 5 injury crashes can be prevented or mitigated. RonaAharonson, CEO of Safe Drive Systems, leading anti-collision technologydeveloper, adds that “when 90% of front-rear accidents can be preventedwith only 1.5 seconds warning in advance, collision prevention technologybecomes not a luxury but a necessity.” (National Transportation SafetyBoard)

Safe Drive Systems’ anti-collision technology providesthe driver with 4 to 5 seconds of advanced warning, giving the driveradditional time to react to imminent dangers. The advanced radar operateseffectively in all weather conditions, analyzing up to 460 feet ahead of thedriver 20 times per second, while the camera monitors if the driver isunintentionally drifting from the occupied lane. “Audio and visual ForwardCollision Warnings, Lane Departure Warnings, and Headway Monitoring Warningsadd an important extra level of protection that keeps the driver and passengerssafe,” explains Rona Aharonson.

Safe Drive Systems are available for installation and arecompatible with most cars manufactured after the year 2006.

About Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive Systems is a leading developer and distributerof advanced, active auto safety technologies. Safe Drive Systems specializes inadapting the same types of advanced safety systems offered in luxury cars tothe consumer aftermarket. Our team of engineers is dedicated to providingluxury-quality, reliable collision prevention technology that is affordable andeasy to use. For more information, visit www.safedrivesystems.comor call 1-800-737-2998.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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