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TI surpasses shipment of 15 million SoCs enabling the automotive industry to redefine advanced drive

Awarded 2014 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership for Semiconductor Solutions

Confirming a leadership position in the automotivemarket, today Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announces that more than 15million of TI’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) System-on-Chip (SoC)devices are on the road. TI’s open and flexible solutions are in seriesproduction in over 25 OEMs and over 100 car models, and are designed to helpreduce the number of road collisions and enable more autonomous drivingexperiences.  With common hardware andsoftware architecture across camera based front (mono and stereo), rear,surround view and night vision applications, as well as mid- and long-rangeradar and sensor fusion systems, TI’s scalable solutions allow for reuse andreduced time and cost to market. Leveraging more than 30 years in signalprocessing, safety and automotive experience, TI developed the TDAx family ofSoC processors to enable customers to further drive innovation anddifferentiation in ADAS applications.


Market leader, designing award winning innovative ADASsolutions Based on its recent analysis of the ADAS market, Frost & Sullivanrecognized TI with the 2014 Product Leadership Award for SemiconductorSolutions for ADAS Industry. TI has developed the automotive System-on-Chip(SoC) family, the TDA2x, incorporating an innovative Vision AccelerationPacwith features to help customers create next-generation ADAS solutions.Additionally, Frost & Sullivan also provided best-in-class ranking forTDA2x in management vision alignment, process design and technologicalsophistication indicating a comprehensive superior solution.


Providing an open, flexible platform enabling innovationand differentiation Unlike other solutions in the market today, the TDA2xoffers an open platform enabling customers the flexibility to add their uniquevalue.  The TDA2x offers one-architecturefor high performance to entry-level solutions in front camera, park assist andradar/fusion applications reducing investment and time to market for thecustomer. Specifically, TDA2x combines the optimal mix of high performance,vision analytics, video, graphics and general purpose processing cores in alow-power envelope enabling a broad range of ADAS applications scaling fromentry to high performance. Additionally, the Vision AccelerationPac delivers amore than 8x compute performance at the same power budget for advanced visionanalytics in a more cost-effective footprint.


“TI’s rich heritage in automotive ADAS-relatedapplication development allows the company to understand and address key goalsin the automotive market,” said Arunprasad Nandakumar, Research Analyst,Frost & Sullivan. “The TDA2x family is aligned to meet the challengesposted by various ADAS technologies and will be instrumental in enabling customersto achieve their goal of an autonomous vehicle.”


ISO 26262 Functional Safety Deliverables The TDA2x isunder development respecting the relevant requirements of ISO 26262 functionalsafety standard.  Supporting safetydocumentation will be available to customers upon device PPAP and release.


Pricing and availability

TI’s TDA2x is currently sampling and is intended forhigh-volume automotive manufacturers. Please contact your local TI salesrepresentative for more information.


For more information


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        demo videofrom CES 2014.

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Texas Instruments drives automotive innovation TI’sstate-of-the-art semiconductor products allow manufacturers and systemsuppliers to deliver world-class features to the automotive market. Ourextensive automotive portfolio includes analog power management, interface andsignal chain solutions, along with DLP(®) displays, ADAS and infotainmentprocessors, Hercules(TM) TMS570 safety microcontrollers and wirelessconnectivity solutions. TI offers SafeTI(TM) parts designed to facilitate OEMs’compliance with the requirements of ISO 26262, as well as parts specificallydesignated as compliant with the AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, all withexcellent product documentation. Visit TI’s Automotive page or TI’s E2E(TM)Behind the Wheel Blog to learn more about our commitment to automotiveinnovation.


About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a globalsemiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs andembedded processors. By employing the world’s brightest minds, TI createsinnovations that shape the future of technology. TI is helping more than100,000 customers transform the future, today. Learn more at


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