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100% MESSRING Subsidiary Founded in Chongqing / Premium Local Services and Calibration of Sensoring and Data Logging Systems

    MESSRING, the leading manufacturer of crash-test facilities and their components, is expanding into East Asia, having founded MESSRING China in the city of Chongqing. In response to the high demand in China, the company based in Krailling near Munich has founded its first subsidiary. In the past ten years alone, MESSRING has planned and executed ten large-scale crash-test facilities in China – more than any other company in the world.

    Dierk Arp, CEO of MESSRING, is expecting major benefits from the new subsidiary. “I’m glad that we’ve finally taken this step and now have our own subsidiary in China.

Alongside Europe, China is our largest market and we have high hopes for the new site. We now have the ability to offer our Chinese customers an exceptional service portfolio and can also react more quickly to new customer demands. By setting up a large-scale replacement parts warehouse for our products in Chongqing, we can also eliminate time-consuming transport from Germany to our customers.”

    The responsibilities of Chongqing MESSRING Trading Co. LTD primarily include services for MESSRING built crash-test facilities, upgrades as well as calibration of M=BUS data logging systems and sensors. Like all measurement instruments, when used regularly this hardware has to be tested periodically and recalibrated to ensure precision. The same applies to the system technology that MESSRING has installed in cutting-edge testing facilities all over China, as precision is everything when it comes to automotive testing.

Large-scale crash-test facilities up to 300 meters in length, such as the recently opened state institute CAERI (also in Chongqing), have to be able to test cars with maximum precision in order to provide valid measurement data. After several hundred crash tests, the system needs to operate with the same level of precision as it did during the first test. The trained MESSRING engineers at the new subsidiary can now promptly respond to and solve issues that arise at basically every Chinese facility.

    The CEO of the new Chinese subsidiary, Guang Zhu, already has over ten years of experience in the vehicle safety industry as well as extensive experience working with MESSRING. He has been appointed Head of the MESSRING offices in China. “Since the subsidiary was founded, we’ve been working on offering our customers in Asia premium support and a wide range of services. Thanks to MESSRING China, I’m confident that we have a major advantage particularly when it comes to retrofitting and updating existing systems. In fact, our cutting-edge M=LIGHT LED floodlight system is ideal for retrofitting older crash-test facilities,” explains Guang Zhu.

    The offices of MESSRING China Limited, which was established as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), are located on Jinyu Avenue in the Beibu District of Chongqing, a city with a population of 4.3 million (inner city). When it came to choosing the new site, a central location was essential, particularly as the goal was to provide high quality services locally and build a replacement parts warehouse that quickly satisfies the clients’ needs.

    About MESSRING

    MESSRING in Krailling, close to Munich, is the world’s leading manufacturer of crash test systems and components. The mid-size company designs and builds turnkey test systems for customers in all relevant markets and on nearly all continents. To date, MESSRING has implemented more than 100 large crash test systems for automotive OEMs, automotive suppliers, governmental authorities and insurance companies – more than any other company.

In the process, the global market leader continues to astonish the industry time and again with innovative advances and revolutionary new solutions, whether in system design, the actual measurement equipment, or in documentation and recording of individual tests.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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