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Velio and The Antenna Company – Integration of Supershape® Antenna Technology Powering the Connecte

   Velio Technologies Limited (“Velio”), a developer and manufacturer of connected vehicle solutions, today announced that it has signed a strategic supply agreement with The Antenna Company N.V., a company committed to the development of next generation, ultra wideband and multiband antennas. In addition, both companies will also jointly explore commercial opportunities within the connected vehicle space. By embedding this new antenna technology in our product we gain an unparalleled edge in terms of device performance, according to Christian Kerssens, Velio’s CEO. “Based on live trials the upgraded Velio device outperforms previous and known competing solutions significantly, and enables extremely reliable data path from vehicles in the most challenging of environments.”

   As we are continuously looking to use the best technologies, partnering with Antenna Company is crucial in bringing this vision forward.

   The location where Velio devices operate from are challenging, added Roel Pieper, CEO of The Antenna Company. The devices are installed in the diagnostic port of the vehicle and this port is typically located under the dashboard, an environment highly shielded to electromagnetic radiation – in a practical sense it can be effectively considered a Faraday cage. Using a proprietary supershaped polymer antenna design, we were able to come up with a cost effective solution with such high radiation efficiency and Omni-directionality that it outperforms factory-installed systems that utilize external antennas.

   Not only are both companies agreed on the integration of the technology, they will also jointly explore commercial opportunities within the connected vehicle space.

   About Velio Technologies Ltd.

   Velio powers the connected car by merging hardware, cellular networks and web services into one, easy-to-use-and-manage connected car solution. We extract data from our on-board diagnostics (OBD) devices securely and efficiently and forward these messages to our customers’ server-side endpoints, in whatever format requested, allowing developers to easily integrate vehicle, accelerometer and location data into their software applications.

   About The Antenna Company N.V.

   Antenna Company is developing the next generation of ultra wideband and multiband antennas accelerating the deployment and increasing the efficiency of wireless connections everywhere. Antenna Company is committed to getting everybody and everything connected in a fast-growing digital environment. Antenna Company’s innovative antennas are based on novel developments in geometry, more specifically, the ‘Gielis Formula’, that gives our products unparalleled efficiency, performance, and flexibility of shape.


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Sun. April 21st, 2024

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