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Redbend, the company that catalyzes change in the connected world by keeping more than 2 billion automotive, IoT and mobile devices relevant, announced the availability of Redbend 10, a software management platform that leverages the company’s core smart delta and virtualization technologies to meet the growing needs of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s as well as device manufacturers and device enhancers in the IoT and mobile markets. The first public demonstration of Redbend 10 will be at Mobile World Congress,March 2-5, Barcelona, Hall 2,Stand 2H30.

Redbend’s smart delta technology delivers the most reliable, efficient, failsafe software and firmware updates. The visualization technology incorporated into Redbend 10 is used to run multiple, completely separate OSs on one module or device. The two components create the core of a platform that enables manufacturers and service providers to keep devices updated, bug-free, relevant and secure regardless of complexity. The result enables Redbend’s customers to save time and costs, create new revenue opportunities and increase loyalty.

“Not only is the number of connected devices — from automobiles to appliances to wearables — growing, but also the software complexity within and between these devices. We have taken more than 15years worth of experience in software management to develop one platform that answers 80 percent of any devicemanufacturers software management needs and combined that with a scalable, flexible architecture that can be customized to meet the remaining 20 percent unique requirements of customers in the three markets we serve: automotive, IoT and mobile,” said Oren Betzaleli, EVP,Product, Strategy and Marketing at Redbend.

Redbend 10 for Automotive

With Redbend 10, automotive OEMs can update all models of a vehicle in its entirety — from bumper to bumper — with one reliable and efficient software update campaign. As software becomes an even more crucial element of automobiles, so does the ability to model, view and manage all of the software in the car. Now, for the first time, all the components in vehicles needing an update, including those with infotainment systems (IVI), electronic control units (ECUs) and telematics control units (TCUs) running dissimilar OSs, with different levels of resources, from different suppliers and connected via different network types (WiFi, cellular, USB, ODB2 and in-vehicle busses), can be updated with one campaign.

“Redbend’s software update strategy is not only intended to add value to the vehicle after the purchase and fix bugs, it can also mitigate recalls, an increasing proportion of which are due to software. Auto makers need a comprehensive car and customer-friendly way to answer this challenge and a universal solution like the one offered by Redbend is just that,” said Roger Lanctot, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics.

Redbend 10 also brings client rule engine script control to the automotive industry. Prior to executing any update, each automotive OEM has a set of rules and conditions that need to be evaluated. Before Redbend 10, specific OEM rules and conditions per vehicle model had to be hard-coded into the module. Now the OEM has the flexibility to modify the rules and conditions, saving time and money and ensuring updates get delivered quickly and efficiently.

Redbend 10 for the Internet of Things

IoT devices come with their own software management challenges. Most often they are resource-constrained and have little memory, low-processing power and minimal bandwidth. Redbend 10 features a lightweight device management solution enabling manufacturers and service providers to deliver software and firmware updates over the air. This is in addition to Redbend’s existing OMA DM-based support to provision new devices, configure network settings, retrieve device information and deliver software and firmware updates over the air. For the first time, IoT device manufacturers can ensure devices remain relevant through efficient and reliable OTA updates and remote configuration.

Redbend 10 for Mobile

Redbend 10 brings additional, rich device analytics capabilities to its software management solution. The device analytics feature enables manufacturers, enhancers and service providers to gain critical visibility and insight over the performance and usage of device, network, services and applications. With the insights, device enhancers and service providers can increase revenue by improving and optimizing devices, applications and services. Analytics also reduce customer care costs with early problem identification and resolution. Using an intuitive analytics dashboard, executives and administrators can view, analyze and share key performance metrics, filtering them by various dimensions such as model and OS version. The anonymous, aggregated data collected from millions of devices can be further explored with a self-service business intelligence capability.

Other Advancements in Redbend 10

Super-large Image Support — Acknowledging the increasing software complexity in today’s mobile devices and automotive components, Redbend 10 can manage large-scale images up to 8 GB needed for high-end mobile devices and map data to future-proof customer investments.

Enhanced Dual-persona — Redbend’s dual-persona solution provides the capability to run two completely separate OSs on a single smartphone removing the need to compromise on privacy, security, user-experience or management. Based on successes with SK Telecom and Coolpad, Redbend added to its dual-persona offering as part of Redbend 10 with enhanced graphics performance, better memory utilization and a more streamlined user experience.

The availability of Redbend 10 arrives just in time for the company’s new branding as it moves from Red Bend Software to Redbend in 2015. Under the new masthead, Redbend 10 furthers the company’s vision to deliver continuous relevance for any device to meet the current and future complexity of consumer needs.

About Redbend

Redbend catalyzes change in the connected world. We have been keeping more than two billion mobile, automotive and IoT devices continuously relevant with over-the-air software updates, and with visualization and device management services. Our robust technology and solution offerings deliver instant market impact — accelerating business results, optimizing performance and improving people’s lives. Building on nearly two decades of experience, and on our track record working with hundreds of leading global brands, we make it easy for customers across all geographies to optimize deployment of change, and reliably enhance any connected device — regardless of size and complexity — with ever-increasing <>


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