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SDCmaterials, Inc.: SDCmaterials, Inc. Announces Investment from SAIC Capital

SDCmaterials, Inc. (“SDC”), a leader in high performance automotive catalyst materials, today announced an investment round led by SAIC Technologies Fund I, LLC (“SAIC”), the venture capital investment arm of SAIC Motor Corporation. SAIC Motor Corporation is the largest automotive manufacturer in China, having sold in excess of 5.6 million cars in 2014. In the context of SDC’s ongoing global commercialization, the investment round will serve to further accelerate the company’s current commercial efforts in the Chinese market.


“SDC’s break-through catalytic materials are enabling step-function improvements in the performance efficiencies of the underlying Platinum Group Metals that are key to emissions control. Using SDC materials in the emission catalysts will allow us to deliver the best automotive emissions control solutions available – to the benefit of our in-house vehicle brands as well as the brands of our current and future global partners,” said Anish Patel (Senior Investment Director).

“SAIC is a great partner for us,” said SDCmaterials’ CEO Maximilian Biberger. “The company has vertically integrated exhaust-system assets and is aggressively pursuing global growth across a foundation of leadership products. We look forward to a close collaboration.”


Existing investors, including General Motors Ventures, BASF Venture Capital, Volvo Group Venture Capital, Invus Financial Advisors and Emerald Technology Ventures, also participated in the investment round.


About SDCmaterials, Inc.


SDCmaterials develops and commercializes high value advanced catalyst materials based on a novel materials fabrication and integration platform. The company was founded in 2004 with its headquarters and R&D center in Tempe, Arizona, USA and production facilities in Schwarzheide, Germany. 


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