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INRIX Acquires OpenCar to Challenge Apple and Google in the Car

INRIX expands into the digital dashboard with the first open, industry-friendly, end-to-end infotainment platform
INRIX Acquires OpenCar to Challenge Apple and Google in the Car

INRIX, Inc., a leading provider of dynamic connected car services worldwide, announced it has completed the acquisition of OpenCar, Inc., a U.S.-based automotive software and services provider. The OpenCar purchase extends the successful INRIX cloud platform into the dashboard with a broad portfolio of third-party content and applications in a customizable user experience (UX) automakers fully control.

“Today, over half of the connected vehicles in the world use INRIX services. By 2020, more than a quarter billion connected cars will be on the road1,” said Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of INRIX. “With the OpenCar acquisition, INRIX is in the driver’s seat to provide those connected services and expand into the digital dashboard with unique, easy-to-use applications designed especially for next-gen automotive experiences.”

OpenCar, backed for the last five years by a strategic partnership with Mazda Motor Corporation, offers the industry’s only white label, standards-based application development environment and framework. Unlike Google’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which limit automaker-specific customization and require access to sensitive car data, the OpenCar framework is fully controlled by the automaker and enables for brand-, model- and region-specific touch and voice interfaces across the entire infotainment experience. This unique capability empowers OEMs to enhance their brand and satisfy consumer demand through a variety of in-car information, media and location-based applications. While OpenCar is designed to understand the data generated by advanced vehicle systems, control of how it is used, shared and stored remains in the hands of the automaker.

Unlike proprietary solutions created by automakers or suppliers to date, INRIX leverages its successful 10-year history of delivering auto-grade, cloud-based solutions to expand OpenCar into the first scalable, global automotive app platform. OpenCar provides developer tools and services to create apps for an open, industry-wide ecosystem. It also enables app deployment across different makes and models while still allowing each automaker to create a unique customer experience.

The application ecosystem, which includes roughly 1,300 registered developers representing hundreds of companies, covers accommodations, city guides, fuel, internet radio, parking, reviews and more. In addition, automakers can manage the complete in-car app lifecycle worldwide, including over-the-air updates, validation, and model or regional specifications. INRIX is committed to continuously expanding the existing content and apps portfolio across all key geographies, which is a key differentiator to other solutions on the market today. Combined with INRIX’s dynamic services already available from leading automakers, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen, the OpenCar platform is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the connected car experience.

“We’re excited to see additional competition in this important connected car segment,” said Marcus Keith, Head of Audi connect and HMI development at AUDI AG. “The combination of INRIX and OpenCar should be very compelling for bringing new applications.”

“OpenCar enables automakers to create an end-to-end ecosystem for in-car applications that make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to be behind the wheel,” said Jeff Payne, CEO of OpenCar. “INRIX gives us the opportunity to grow the footprint of our app platform much faster, both geographically and with more OEMs.”

Intelligent, Personalized, Seamless Driver Experience
INRIX is also announcing the availability of Autotelligent, a next-generation driver assistance platform. Its cloud-based machine learning enables predictive routing based on where and when drivers go, frequently visited places and preferred routes. Autotelligent automatically creates a daily, personalized itinerary of anticipated trips by accessing the user’s calendar and contacts. In addition, it provides intelligent pre-drive and drive time alerts based on route preferences, congestion, hazardous road conditions and vehicle sensor data, such as if the vehicle needs fuel.

By integrating INRIX’s other driver services – such as Road Weather alerts, intermodal routing for walking and public transit, real-time traffic, and dynamic on- and off-street parking – into a single platform, Autotelligent simplifies integration and service delivery.

Autotelligent works seamlessly with OpenCar to create a complete infotainment platform for connected cars. INRIX empowers automakers to create intelligent in-car applications that work on behalf of drivers – from finding a restaurant to listening to the news, avoiding dangerous road conditions to reserving a parking spot.

“The standardization of in-vehicle app development is a major milestone for the industry and will be a key differentiator for our customers,” said Andreas Hecht, executive vice president and general manager of automotive at INRIX. “Combine that with the power of smart learning and cloud technology, and INRIX is able to offer automakers a legitimate in-car alternative to Apple and Google.”

INRIX will continue to operate the OpenCar application management tools, work with its current customers and maintain the OpenCar office in Seattle. The acquisition will expand the INRIX Seattle-area presence beyond the current headquarters in Kirkland, WA. Terms of the deal will not be disclosed. In August 2015, INRIX acquired ParkMe, a Santa Monica, CA company that is a leader in parking location, availability, and reservations worldwide.

INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and intelligent movement, a new approach that leverages big data and the cloud to help manage urban mobility. By aggregating a variety of sources and applying intelligence, INRIX delivers comprehensive data and solutions to help move people, cities and businesses forward.

Our partners are automakers, governments, mobile operators, developers, advertisers, as well as enterprises large and small. We are literally everywhere with over 450 customers across 60 countries. INRIX has offices in Kirkland, Seattle, Santa Monica, London, Manchester and Munich.

About OpenCar
Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Seattle, OpenCar has built the industry’s first updateable application platform and developer ecosystem to serve an automaker’s need for tightly integrated, car-centric applications and features. With deep experience in core platform architecture and connected services, OpenCar is partnering with automakers, suppliers and application developers to define new standards and tools to transform automotive app development and the in-car experience for drivers. The OpenCar Connect framework supports a broad range of app categories including telematics, device control, health, safety, convenience, digital clusters and next-generation infotainment. InsideTrack enables collaboration amongst automakers, tier one suppliers and integrators, and developers from project proposal to post-SOP management. OpenCar is an active member of the GENIVI Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). For more information about OpenCar, visit

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