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Haldex at IAA: World debut of the lightest disc brake on the market

Haldex at IAA: World debut of the lightest disc brake on the market
With its latest trio of disc brakes Haldex has achieved significant progress in advancing the concept of the ModulT disc brake

At the top of the current range is the heavy-duty version of the 22.5-inch model with a maximum brake torque of 30 kNm. At the show, the DBT 22 MD model for trucks and buses will have its world debut. It has a maximum brake torque of 25 kNm and a weight of just 34 kg with pads, which is several kg lighter than comparable models from competitors. The DBT 22 LT ModulT for trailers and semi-trailers is presented in a new version that is even slimmer and now weighs less than 30 kg with pads, which definitely is the lightest 22.5-inch disc brake for trailers on the market. Also appearing in Hanover will be the DBT 19 LT trailer brake with a maximum brake torque of 18 kNm.

“Haldex is entering into a new era for disc brakes with the 22-inch model for trucks. We have been demonstrating this model to selected customers since the spring with very positive response. Now it’s presented for a larger audience at the IAA show.”, says Bo Annvik, President & CEO of Haldex. “Haldex is known for its lightweight disc brakes for trailers which is our fastest growing product line. We plan to repeat the same successful growth story in the truck segment as we have done in the trailer segment in Europe. With the technology shift in North America from drum brakes to disc brakes, we are well positioned with our current disc brake offering when the technology shift is taking place in North America.”

“We’re very proud to present the lightest disc brake range on the market. Weight optimization is creating sustainable solutions with lower fuel consumption which is key when designing the commercial vehicles of the future.” said Jeff Stokes, Global Product Manager – Disc Brakes for Haldex. “The ModulT air disc brake is the perfect solution for customers looking for high efficiency with greater control and stability for a long service life with lower total cost of ownership,”

All ModulT brakes utilize Haldex’s special single-tappet mechanism, which offers two key benefits. The first is extensive support and uniform pressure on the brake pads. The second is a weight-optimized design that is not a single gram heavier than necessary.

It was not just the single-tappet design that reduced the weight of the ModulT: All parts, and the calliper, in particular, have undergone intensive finite element analysis. The result is a new and especially slim yet stronger architecture. The 19.5-inch and 22.5-inch versions have also raised the standard in their classes for maintenance and repair. With the new design, engineers have minimized the number of parts subject to wear.

Another advantage is exceptionally uniform wear of the inner and outer pads thanks to particularly well-balanced clamping force distribution, which prevents heat cracks and uneven wear while also contributing to excellent braking power. In addition, double roller bearings in the lever mechanism guarantee low hysteresis and great efficiency.

The brake is well-protected from potentially damaging external forces: The calliper guide of the ModulT disc brake is completely enclosed, and thanks to the inverted mechanism bellows, the brake is well-protected, which makes the mechanism far less subject to damage from dirt and stirred-up solids.

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