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Caruma Brings Autonomous Car Technology to Any Vehicle

Vision-Based Connected-Car Platform Combines Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and In-Vehicle Camera -- Making the Internet of Things for Automobiles a Reality
Caruma Brings Autonomous Car Technology to Any Vehicle

Distracted driving, talking on the phone, texting, eating, reading—these are some of the most common causes of automotive collisions. With over 1.2 billion vehicles on the road today and millions more being added each year, driving can be hazardous to your health.

Caruma Technologies >  ( wants to change that and today announced a new technology offering that combines Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Big Data analytics into a powerful yet easy-to-use vision-based connected car platform. The company plans to bring advanced technology used in autonomous cars to any vehicle to make driving safer, more efficient and more secure. 

“Tragically, nearly 1.3 million people around the world are killed in traffic collisions every year, with another 50 million injured or disabled,” said Chris Carson, founder and CEO, Caruma Technologies. “Our goal is to make today’s roads safer by empowering drivers with advanced safety systems like Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and the insights they gain from the data these systems produce.”

The Caruma Platform

Caruma’s vision-based connected car platform consists of three key components:

*            Caruma Cloud –  a smart cloud system where video and data are stored and converted into actionable information.

*            Caruma App  – a mobile and web app for iOS and Android.

*            Caruma Cam, an intelligent connected device with dual High Definition (HD) cameras that easily mounts inside any vehicle.

When these high-risk driving events or collisions are detected, the Caruma Cam automatically records a short video of the event. The video and data are then sent to Caruma’s private cloud where it is analyzed and processed.

Caruma’s system uses a combination of artificial intelligence and vision technology—advanced machine learning algorithms—to continuously improve over time. With a complete, context-rich picture, the system can help to improve driver performance and reduce liability risk through driver scoring, a critical tool for coaching purposes and improving driving practices.

Key Features

*            Collision Avoidance – Forward- and inward-facing HD video cameras sense and alert drivers in real-time to external dangers to help avoid costly and sometimes fatal collisions; allows corrective action to be taken.

*            Distracted Driver/Fatigue Detection – Senses and alerts drivers in real-time to internal risks by monitoring subtle details about the driver to detect fatigue, attentiveness and driver distraction.

*            Live Map – Real-time community-based warnings of road hazards automatically detected by other Caruma-equipped vehicles on our network.

*            Theft Detection & Prevention – Caruma uses proximity sensors, geo-fencing and real-time tracking to monitor a vehicle’s security. Live View and two-way talking allows instant viewing inside and outside the vehicle and two-way audio.

Key Benefits

*            Lower Costs – Reduce the cost of collisions, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs.

*            Increased Productivity – Maximize driver and vehicle productivity to increase efficiency and service.

*            Optimize Performance – Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors, reduce risks and save lives.

*            Enhance Security – Keep vehicle, contents, driver and passengers safe with continuous monitoring.

Additional Applications—Insurance and Fleet Since the physics associated with a collision are recorded in minute detail to establish fault unequivocally and resolve disputes more efficiently and correctly, the data derived from Caruma’s system will have a direct impact on determining risk, error and fault to make insurance reporting faster and more efficient. This will streamline claims processes and improve efficiencies resulting in lower costs, a key benefit for insurance companies, fleet operators and professional drivers.

For fleet applications Caruma technology can reduce operating costs, improve driver safety and increase safety policy compliance. Video and data sent to Caruma Cloud provides fleet managers with a complete, context-rich picture that can help to improve driver behavior and increase safety. 

Making Driving Safer—Now and in the Future Caruma’s system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously improve its ability to detect dangers ahead or distraction within a vehicle and gets smarter over time. The company is working with partners to accelerate deployment into vehicle fleets and expand its business as a retrofit device for the millions of vehicles currently on the road and into new production vehicles.

The company recently launched a pilot collecting data sets in three countries around the world to include U.S.A, China, and Russia. This aggregated data will ultimately be used to advance the fully autonomous driving vehicle industry.

Caruma Cam will be available for pre-order in late December at www.Caruma.Tech at the retail price of $399.  

For more information about Caruma, its products and open, vision-based connected car platform, visit www.Caruma.Tech

About Caruma Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2015, Caruma Technologies is a San Francisco based, Internet of Things for Automotive company that uses the underlying technologies found in autonomous driving vehicles to improve driver safety and security.


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