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Leading global aluminium organisations sign MoU

Memorandum of Understanding seeks to improve sustainable production, use and recycling of aluminium products.
Leading global aluminium organisations sign MoU

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI), the global association of aluminium producers, and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a multi-stakeholder organisation with the mission to foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium, today signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in their respective efforts to support continuous improvement in the performance of the global aluminium industry and the sustainable use and recycling of its products.

The five-year MoU, signed by ASI Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Solomon, and IAI Secretary General, Ron Knapp, brings the two organisations together to share measurement, reporting and verification frameworks and selected industry data on greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, waste and risk management, among other issues.

The collaboration is expected to enhance efficiencies for both organisations and their respective members by supporting common approaches where relevant, and pooling collective experience and knowledge. To realise these aims, the ASI and IAI executive teams agree to meet periodically and to report annually to their respective Boards on the status of cooperation.

The Chair of the IAI Board of Directors, Hilde Aasheim (Executive Vice President – Norsk Hydro) underlined the importance of the MoU to the Institute’s membership, saying:

“As demand continues to grow for lightweight, strong, safe and energy efficient aluminium products, customers in a number of markets are increasingly demanding certified assurances of those products’ sustainability claims, in addition to sector-wide performance data.

Today’s MoU between IAI and ASI will enable the development of globally applicable standards for measuring and verifying sustainability performance, including greenhouse gas emissions, along the supply chain, by drawing on the four decades of industry experience and data that the IAI and its members have amassed.”

ASI Board Chair, Daniel Weston (General Counsel & CSV Global Head, Nestlé Nespresso) said:

“ASI aims to engage and work with all key stakeholders in this sector as it works to develop an independent third party certification program for the aluminium value chain. IAI has a strong history of data collection, research and publications on key industry issues, and this MOU will benefit both organisations through a collaborative approach to the challenges of sustainability metrics. We are delighted to be working together.”

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) and the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) are separate, globally based organisations, working to position aluminium as a leading mineral commodity with a sustainable supply chain, and enhanced stakeholder acceptance and sectoral credibility.

About the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative


ASI is a standards setting and certification organisation that recognises and fosters the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. ASI has more than 35 members from the aluminium value chain, civil society, associations and other supporters.

ASI’s objectives are to:

* To define globally applicable standards for sustainability performance and material chain-of-custody for the aluminium value chain

* To promote measurable and continual improvements in the key environmental, social and governance impacts of aluminium production, use and recycling

* To develop a credible assurance and certification system that both mitigates the risks of non-conformity with ASI standards and minimises barriers to broad scale implementation

About the International Aluminium Institute


The IAI is the global forum of aluminium producers, with 28 member companies, dedicated to the development and wider use of aluminium as a competitive and uniquely valuable material. The IAI in all its activities supports the concept that aluminium is a material that lends itself to improving people’s living standards in a sustainable fashion.

The IAI continues to promote the sustainability benefits of aluminium applications and a strong aluminium industry through a whole lifecycle approach:

* To build community understanding of aluminium as a material that improves living standards and contributes a sustainable future

* To promote the global market for aluminium products

* To support the industry in meeting challenges from competing materials, customers and other stakeholders based on production impacts in isolation from the benefits of aluminium use and at end of life.


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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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