In its latest version 1.3, CAR ASYST APP for Audi after-sales service and repair shops now also supports actuator diagnostics, Landscape mode, tablets (ARM based), VAS 5054A VCIs for A3/S3/TT/Q2 analysis and Audi A5 and Q7 e-tron
CAR ASYST App 1.3: Actuator diagnostics

CAR ASYST, the mobile system solution for fast initial diagnostics and error detection in Audi after-sales service and repair shops, supports actuator addressing in the current app version 1.3. This means service centers can run targeted actuator diagnostics on a stationary vehicle to validate the functional capability of components.

The presentation of vehicle reports was revised for the current release and now makes it possible to integrate images. Furthermore videos, graphics and measurement values are now displayed in Landscape mode. Release 1.3 can now be used not only on smartphones but also on ARM based tablets. CAR ASYST also runs on ServicePad VAS 601 301. The CAR ASYST data package now also contains the vehicle data of the new Audi A5 and the Audi Q7 e-tron.

To extend the range of usable Audi models, owners of the VAS 5054A VCI can now also use these tried and tested devices for vehicle analysis with the CAR ASYST APP. This means that vehicles of the model ranges AU37X (Audi A3/S3/TT/Q2) are also available for analysis. The current version 1.3 of CAR ASYST now supports the model ranges A4, Q7, A5, Q7 e-tron as well as A3/S3/TT/Q2.

The CAR ASYST APP is available here [ ] in the Google Play Store. All other information on the diverse uses of CAR ASYST and the supported vehicle range can be found on the info site

The highlights of CAR ASYST Release 1.3 at a glance

  • Tablet support (ARM based)
  • AU37X support (Audi A3/S3/TT/Q2) via VAS 5054 adapter/VCI
  • Landscape mode (video recording/showing, measurement values)
  • Extended vehicle reports (now also with pictures)
  • Actuator diagnostics/tests
  • New vehicles: A5 and Audi Q7 e-tron
  • IRC (infotainment) data on an SD card

General company information on CAR ASYST:

CAR ASYST – the mobile system solution for vehicle communication on smartphones and tablets for repair shops, after-sales service and vehicle testing

Softing has developed a mobile system solution for fast initial diagnostics and error detection on a smartphone basis and tablet. Target groups for this mobile service app are Audi service partners in the repair shop field as well as engineers working in Audi’s development and testing divisions.  CAR ASYST is a tool officially approved by Audi.

CAR ASYST will mainly be used in the following areas of implementation:

Main areas of implementation for CAR ASYST

  • Mobile tool for service technicians and repair shops
  • Data logging and fast initial diagnostics
  • Error detection for stationary vehicles as well as vehicles on the road
  • Service & vehicle test on the forecourt
  • Breakdown service
  • Engineering and vehicle test

For more details take a look at the website

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Sat. June 15th, 2024

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