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American Plasma Energy Group to Announce Acquisition of Exclusive US License from Plasma Igniter

American Plasma Energy Group to Announce Acquisition of Exclusive US License from Plasma Igniter

American Plasma Energy Group (APEG) announced today that it signed initial documents for acquisition of the exclusive license to manufacture and commercialize the revolutionary Coaxial Cavity Resonator Ignition System (CCRIS) from Plasma Igniter, LLC.  This license is for United States Automobile, Light Truck Aftermarket and all Military applications. 


Today’s ignition systems are centered on the spark plug – the 100+-year-old technology that has reached the end of its effective life cycle. The CCRIS is a dual-signal device that uses two signals to perform its ignition function; both microwave radio frequency (RF) and direct current (DC) components.


The CCRIS creates historically impossible vehicle/fuel efficiencies. It creates a more efficient combustion of fuel, allowing for leaner burn and more complete combustion therefore significantly reducing emissions, and increasing fuel economy, engine power and range.


“This technology represents a game-changing breakthrough for internal combustion engines that dramatically extends fossil fuel supplies and reduces the cost of their operation while increasing their power and efficiency,” said, Matt Palumbo, APEG’s Advisory Board Member “This is a great opportunity to transform a market with over 280 million vehicles with internal combustion engines burning an average of 400 million gallons of gasoline every day in the US. We are setting up our operations to mass-produce and fulfill the upcoming demand for our products,” continued Palumbo


APEG is in the early stages of manufacturing/engineering working with outside partners. At the same time, APEG is exploring potential sites to set its national assembly and distribution center and has narrowed its search to locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio or Michigan.


“I am delighted to have APEG as our first licensee and we feel comfortable with APEG’s team and capabilities to take the CCRIS to the next level,” said Doctor James Smith, president of Plasma Igniter LLC and original inventor of the CCRIS.


Additional background information on the revolutionary Coaxial Cavity Resonator Ignition System (CCRIS) from American Plasma Energy Group (APEG):


*            CCRIS been in development since 1984 by Dr. James Smith with numerous patents protecting the technology and approach.


              *            Dr. Smith was the 2009 President of SAE International;


              *            Dr. Smith has been the principal or co-principal investigator for over 100 research and development contracts and has published more than 250 refereed conference papers, journal articles, and reports; and,


              *            Dr. Smith is currently the Director of the Center for Industrial Research Applications  (CIRA) at West Virginia University where he is a Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.


*            CCRIS is being tested and developed in WVU’s prestigious CAFEE (Center for Alternative Fuels Engines and Emissions) facilities, one of the few engine labs in the country recognized by both California and Texas air quality boards.


*            Initial tests have shown an increase in fuel efficiency, a reduction in both CO2 and NOx emissions and increases in engine power, all while reducing the initial flame ignition temperatures.


*            Tests at independent labs have verified combustion of both liquid and gaseous fuels at lean and ultra-lean conditions.


*            While CCRIS has been pioneered over the past 20 years by Dr. Smith and his research and engineering teams, the technology needed to move CCRIS from prototype to a viable consumer product has only recently been available as well as the mass adoption of computer-controlled fuel injection systems and advanced electronics.


*            Plasma Igniter is in discussions with major engine manufacturers and automotive companies to be included in the next generation of super-fuel efficient, ultra-low emissions engines.


*            CCRIS replaces existing spark plugs without any additional retrofitting needed of the engine or emissions systems, allowing any vehicle to be upgraded.


*            CCRIS has game-changing applications across military, fleet vehicles, aircraft, marine craft, as well as consumer vehicles.


*            CCRIS is compatible with natural gas, diesel, gasoline and ethanol as well as many other combustible fuels.


*            American Plasma Energy Group (APEG) is currently evaluating assembly distribution locations in the United States – particularly in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Our manufacturing is a blend of advanced electronics and high-precision manufacturing techniques that will provide hundreds of well-paying jobs for Americans directly through our manufacturing and distribution processes and thousands indirectly from installation, sales, and development.


*            APEG’s goal is nothing less than to upgrade every internal combustion engine to a plasma engine – reducing pollution, increasing power and using far less gas than we do today.


*            APEG is, concurrent to building an assembly distribution facility, signing distribution channels, conducting long-term tests, and creating consumer installation training processes and channels.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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