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Polyplastics Develops New DURAFIDE (R) PPS Grades with Improved Heat Shock Resistance

Polyplastics Develops New DURAFIDE (R) PPS Grades with Improved Heat Shock Resistance

Polyplastics Co., Ltd. has developed new DURAFIDE (R) PPS grades, 6150T73 and 6150T8, which applied advanced technology to improve heat shock resistance of highly filled, high-toughness PPS materials.


Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a highly heat-resistant resin that is categorized as super engineering plastic. It exhibits outstanding flame retardancy, mechanical property, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. In order to meet market requirements, particularly in the automotive sector, we have been making efforts to develop new highly filled, high-toughness PPS grades with greatly improved heat shock resistance.


Previously, it was not so easy to improve heat shock resistance of a PPS material while keeping other properties in balance. First, conventional grades with improved heat shock resistance generate large quantities of mold deposits, caused by gases originating from the impact modifier. And increased frequency of metal mold maintenance was an issue. Second, the trend toward reduction of product thickness and weight has resulted in an increased requirement for materials with higher flowability. However, increasing flowability and improving toughness to give heat shock resistance normally have conflicting effects and it was difficult to achieve both at the same time.


Polyplastics has now developed the new grades DURAFIDE PPS 6150T73 and 6150T8 that have overcome the abovementioned problems. DURAFIDE PPS 6150T8 exhibits high flowability and improved heat shock resistance, while DURAFIDE PPS 6150T73 benefits from even higher heat shock resistance. Additionally, both grades demonstrate low outgassing (low mold deposit) characteristics. These new materials are expected to boost productivity at customers not only in the automotive sector but in a wide range of fields by helping to increase freedom of product design while also reducing the frequency of metal mold maintenance. Polyplastics is not only a developer of materials technology; it is also actively engaged in the development of molding and processing technologies. In addition to the abovementioned materials technologies, we aim to offer new solutions that combine molding and processing technologies.


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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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