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SANHUA Automotive at the 2017 IAA Event

SANHUA Automotive presented a full line-up of various new and innovative thermal management components at the 2017 IAA Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The IAA is the automotive industry’s leading international trade show, taking place every two years. SANHUA Automotive introduced several new products that are compatible with conventional passenger cars, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles, such as, PHEVs & EVs.

To compliment this line-up, SANHUA Automotive featured its award winning Electronic Expansion Valve (EXV) which has satisfied many global carmakers’ high expectations for balanced system performance and value. This year, the SANHUA Automotive EXV won an Automotive News PACE Award for innovation. This EXV enables a number of system control strategies which ultimately lead to improved overall system efficiency, fuel economy, hybrid range and better a/c system performance. Several major global OEMs are now using SANHUA Automotive’s new series of battery chillers and cold plates combined with the EXV. These integrated assemblies offered the best balance of cost and quality.

At this year’s event SANHUA Automotive introduced its portfolio of new electronic coolant pumps in a wide power range, from 15 to 110 Watts. By precisely cooling the target when only necessary, SANHUA Automotive electronic coolant pumps are adaptable to achieve OEM customized lift and flow requirements and are available in both LIN & PWM control.

SANHUA Automotive was honored to receive to special guest during the IAA opening press day. SANHUA Automotive representative, Mr. Harry Eustice, VP of Global Marketing and Advanced R&D, hosted Mr. Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan USA, for a special tour of the exhibit. The Governor stated that the high quality of the display matched the great quality of SANHUA Automotive products. He also thanked SANHUA Automotive for their recent expansion of the sales office and the opening of a new R&D technical center in Michigan. He encouraged SANHUA Automotive to also consider manufacturing opportunities in Michigan.

SANHUA Automotive products offer a great contribution in environmental protection. SANHUA Automotive TXVs, EXVs, chillers, pumps, heat exchangers and valves that provide precision fluid control for better fuel economy and an increased driving range in hybrid and electric vehicles. SANHUA Automotive products are designed to be compatible with all of the more environmental friendly new global refrigerants, like R1234yf, R410a and R744 and all of the major OEM coolant specifications.

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