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Western Digital Corporation SanDisk Automotive SD card Announcement

Western Digital Corporation SanDisk Automotive SD card Announcement

Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC), a global data storage technology and solutions leader, introduced its newest and highest performing industrial- grade and automotive-grade card solutions to date. Newly enhanced SanDisk® Industrial and SanDisk® Automotive card storage solutions provide superior endurance and reliability for commercial surveillance, intensive “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) applications and “connected automotive” applications under extreme ambient temperatures. With up to quadruple the read speed and more than twice the write speed of the company’s previous generation cards1, they enable OEMs to push the boundaries of applications – from supporting “smart” surveillance systems with fast in-camera analytics, to improving high-definition video capture in surveying commercial drones and automotive dash cameras, to enhancing the responsiveness of automotive 3D mapping navigation systems.


SanDisk Industrial SD™ and microSD™ Cards New SanDisk Industrial SD and microSD cards, and SanDisk Industrial Extended Temperature SD cards (for trusted performance under extreme temperature conditions of -40oC to 85oC) are built with the high endurance and reliability that is paramount in the industrial and commercial industries, enabling them to consistently manage the challenging workloads of IIoT, commercial surveillance, medical and other intensive “connected” applications over extended periods of time.

SanDisk Automotive SD Card


New, higher performance SanDisk Automotive SD cards are built to meet the rigorous reliability, quality and temperature demands of the automotive market. Compliant with the automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 3 standard (operating in ambient temperatures of -40oC to 85oC), it enables OEMs to bring intelligent, high-capacity and fast data storage to a wide array of advanced, in-vehicle applications and systems, including navigation mapping systems, data event recorders, infotainment systems and more.


Highlights and Features


  • Performance: Delivers sequential reads speeds of up to 80 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 50 MB/s.2


  • High Capacity: SanDisk Automotive SD cards, SanDisk Industrial SD cards and SanDisk Industrial Extended Temperature SD cards are offered in capacities up to 64GB. SanDisk Industrial is also available in a microSD form factor in a range of capacities, including a new, high-capacity 128GB card.


  • Expanded Intelligent Features for OEMs: The new cards include an enhanced Health Status Monitor with expanded reporting capabilities to enable manufacturers to remotely monitor usage of the card and identify when card upgrades or replacements are needed. An automatic “Read Refresh” feature optimizes the card for compliance with strict OEM data retention specifications. Other intelligent features include OEM customization capabilities, enhanced power protection and “host lock” to help ensure security if the

card is removed.


  • Availability: New SanDisk Industrial SD and microSD cards, and SanDisk Automotive SD

cards are now sampling to OEMs worldwide. SanDisk Industrial Extended Temperature

SD cards will be available in October worldwide. 


These new SD and microSD cards are part of the company’s suites of industrial-grade and

automotive-grade solutions optimized to address the vast data generated at the “edge” by

connected commercial and automotive applications. For additional information visit:


  • The skyrocketing volume of data and the increased need for fast responsiveness for in device analytics and other real-time event processing has made trusted storage at the

“edge” a critical part of IoT systems. Leveraging our vertical integration, we built our

newest SanDisk-brand industrial and automotive cards from the ground-up for the

intensive demands of IIoT and “connected” automotive applications. These robust, high endurance cards offer up to quadruple the performance of our previous generation cards

and an outstanding feature set. In addition, we have expanded our portfolio to include a

new 128GB SanDisk Industrial microSD card that provides the capacity that is

imperative for capturing advanced video and supporting data-heavy connected

applications over extended periods.” – Christopher Bergey, vice president of embedded

and integrated solutions, Western Digital


  • “The enhanced endurance of SanDisk Industrial microSD cards allow our customers to

develop products that capture and store high definition video over long periods of time

under a variety of challenging environmental conditions.” – Chan Lee, vice president of

engineering at Ambarella, Inc.


1- New SanDisk Industrial and SanDisk Automotive card performance: Sequential Read/Write: 80MB/s and 50MB/s respecitively; compared to previous generation SanDisk Industrial and SanDisk Automotive card performance: 20MB/s and 20MB/s respectively.

2- Based on internal testing.

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