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Innovation is Key to the Future CHINAPLAS 2018 Paves the Way to Plastics’ Future

Innovation is Key to the Future CHINAPLAS 2018 Paves the Way to Plastics' Future

China is rapidly becoming a preeminent new market in the world. With over RMB 1.5 trillion spent in R&D in 2016, a 10.6% annual increase, and of which 77.5% was contributed by businesses, the overall productivity and comprehensive national power of China is strategically being boosted, enhancing the country’s influence in technology innovations.

Striding into the future – innovation is the weapon

High-speed rails, an aircraft carrier, the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, the FAST telescope (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), the EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) nuclear fusion reactor, etc. are but a few glimpses of the technological advancements achieved by China in the 21st century.  

For the plastics and rubber industries, foundations for manufacturing, innovation and technology advances are always in order, as pointed out by Ms. Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., the organizer of CHINAPLAS. “Innovation, an important ‘weapon’ in the plastics and rubber industries, is also the key to CHINAPLAS’ success in keeping itself improved over the years.”




As a major and recognized platform to promote technological innovations, CHINAPLAS addresses the latest needs of many application industries including automotive, E&E, IT & Telecom, packaging, building and medical, presenting leading and hot solutions from all over the world. “The theme of the coming edition of CHINAPLAS and beyond is set as ‘Innovation is Key to the Future’, highlighting the roles of technology and innovation,” Ms. Leung continued.

CHINAPLAS will make its debut in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China in 2018. An estimated 4,000 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions will showcase their advanced exhibits on an over 320,000sqm of exhibition area. Focusing on “Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Materials and Green Solutions”, CHINAPLAS facilities the plastics and rubber industries in business transformation and upgrading, leading the industries to a brighter future!

A full spectrum of smart manufacturing solutions

Smart manufacturing, considered by some to be synonymous with Industry 4.0, the influence of which is now going deep and wide, provides continuous opportunities for innovation and development for the manufacturing industries.

E&E, IT & telecom industries

Mr. Neo Cao, Senior Manager, Mechanical Technology Department, Meizu Technology Co., Ltd., remarked after visiting the last edition of CHINAPLAS, “Through the abundance of solutions introduced to mobile phone manufacturers such as mold automated production systems, automated processing equipment and others, the realization of Industry 4.0 is now more apparent than ever.”

Industries that are actively upgrading, have put “smart manufacturing” under the spotlight. Smart manufacturing solutions, for instant, unmanned automated production, equipment interconnection and visualization etc., are in high demand among home appliance manufacturers.

Smart manufacturing solutions are abundant at CHINAPLAS. ENGEL e-motion 80 TL injection molding machine (with inject 4.0 logos) combines the benefits of all-electric drive technology and tie-bar-less technology, ensuring high production rate of precision components and high-quality optical components. Chen Hsong SPEED series of small-to-medium-tonnage hydraulic injection molding machine stands for high-speed; thanks to its 1.5 seconds dry cycle time and 300mm/s injection speed. The machine is an ideal option for injection molding of mobile phone accessories, precision electronics and medical consumables at a high speed and a short cycle, and at the same time ensuring high repetition accuracy, stable dimensions, performance and quality. It can sustain long-term large-scale automated production.

Innovative materials are playing important roles

Metals and other materials are gradually replaced by high performance materials, which are low in density, strong, moldable, heat resistant, corrosion resistant, antibacterial, UV-resistant etc., creating high value-added products.

Automotive industry

Application of engineering plastics and carbon fiber composite materials in the automotive industry incredibly contributes to vehicle lightweighting. Battery cases, a core component of new energy vehicles, made of carbon fiber composite materials, are 80% lighter than their steel counterparts, on top of being corrosion resistant, water proof, flame retardant and long lasting. Automotive air-conditioning’s outlet leaf is mainly made of high rigidity PA6. Due to the high fiber content, defects such as floating fiber and white mark frequently occur during injection molding. Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.’s PA6 successfully addresses the defects and improves the part appearance.

Medical industry

New materials also find their applications in the medical sector. Functional materials like polymers with good biocompatibility, new materials for implants, sterilization/gamma ray resistant materials and electro-conductive materials are only a few examples of safe, green and high performance medical grade plastics. LUVOCOM material is suitable for various disinfection methods and repeated disinfection. It can be used for plastic parts of reusable medical devices such as dental instruments and handle of minimally invasive surgical instruments. LUVOCOM can also meet the requirement of high temperature resistant, sterilizable, anti-static /electromagnetic protection and pigmentable. It can be used for special color button, connectors, insulators, valve parts, anti-static roller, etc.

Green solutions are answers to prosperity

To go green is to prosper, so the importance of environmental technology innovation is self-evident. Lightweight plastics, multifunctionalities, low VOC emissions, the use of biodegradable plastics and the recovery of recycled materials are among the means by which many industries move towards sustainable development.

Packaging industry

Promotion of lightweighting continues to be the major driver for the packaging industry, as not only can it reduce the use of materials, but also effectively reduce the gross weight, facilitating transportation. The Dow Chemical Company’s enhanced expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam solution delivers high level of cushion performance and abuse resistance, achieving new levels of downweighting or downgauging. There is 10 – 15% savings on raw material cost in unit packaging.

Biodegradable materials, as well as centralized collection and recycling of packaging materials, are gaining popularity among many companies. The Ecoworld biodegradable polymer and Ecowill biodegradable polymer compounds from Jinhui Zhaolong High Technology Co., Ltd. are compostable, printable and weldable. NatureWorks joined hands with compounders, converters and coffee companies for a comprehensive research and development effort, using Ingeo to solve many technical challenges presented in making a capsule that meets the temperature requirements for both the drip and high pressure platforms while maintaining compostability.

Building and construction industry

At CHINAPLAS 2018, high-performance PVC formwork, large diameter polyolefin drainage, water-based polyurethane, solvent-free eco-synthetic leather, lead-free PVC profiles, as well as the recovery of recycled raw materials, etc., will be the highlights for visitors coming from  building and construction industry.

The XPS Board Production Line from Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corp., Ltd. is a perfect replacement of CO2 composite foaming agent for CFC foaming agent. And the compressive strength of fine products can be improved by more than 15%.

As the Chinese economy gathers tremendous momentum and the application of plastics and rubber in various industries becomes more widespread, CHINAPLAS, having profound influences, will play an increasingly important role in promoting technological advances and product innovation. CHINAPLAS 2018 will be relocated to NECC in Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China, and run from April 24-27, 2018. For walk-in visitors, RMB 50 and RMB 80 will be charged for a one-day pass and a four-day pass respectively. Visitors can enjoy admission discount through online pre-registration from now till April 18, 2018, at an early-bird rate of RMB 50 for a four-day pass.

To pre-register now, please visit For more information about CHINAPLAS 2018, please visit .

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