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New range of bespoke hi-tech wheels

Advances in materials and the design of high-performance wheels have enabled California-based ADV.1 to “raise the industry standard in almost every category imaginable, from aesthetic wheel design and strength testing, right down to the packaging,” according to the company.

It has introduced the Advanced Series, its newest line of wheels since the debut of the Competition Series in 2014. The Advanced Series features a new spoke design and new weight reduction windows. All wheels are assembled using lightweight titanium fittings. The wheels themselves are cast out of aircraftgrade alloys.

Well-known for its aggressive wheel fitments that literally change the personality of the vehicle, ADV.1 has invested heavily in the engineering infrastructure required to support the modification of performance and luxury vehicles costing from 50,000 to more than a million dollars.

“Every traditional step involved in creating a wheel line was rewritten in order to advance what is currently considered premium in the high end exotic and luxury car world,” says the company in a blog post. “The Advanced Series raises the design and quality standard for the wheel industry,” says Norm Young, President and CEO. “ADV.1 is known as the leader in design, and the Advanced Series establishes ADV.1 firmly in that position.”

There are five new designs in the Advanced Series. They feature complex geometry, surfaces, and windows not seen before in the wheel industry, according to the company. All of the designs are available in in Track Spec or M.V2 construction, with ADV.1’s nearly limitless selection of colors and finishes. The wheels are shipped in innovative packaging designed to protect them.
Founded in 2009, Miami-based Advance One Wheels is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of luxury bespoke wheels for the automotive industry. Distributed to more than 40 countries and six continents worldwide, the ADV.1 brand has been built on leading-edge style, precision engineering and aggressive marketing in the ultra-premium segment of the highly competitive international wheel industry, according to the company. There are engineering facilities in Florida, Missouri and California.

ADV.1 enjoys successful business relationships with its dealers around the world. It focuses on developing the network by instilling expert technical competency, sound retail merchandising and social media skills. ADV.1 stresses the need for cooperative dealer relationships. This business strategy has engendered a worldwide “family” spirit that serves the company well, it says. ADV.1 is part of the Cisneros Corporation, a diversified family investment company.

Meeting international safety standards

Every ADV.1 wheel is designed and engineered to meet the German TUV standards as set forth by the German transportation authority, the KBA.

ADV.1 uses FEA analysis software to determine the material needed for a particular vehicle. A physical prototype is then tested to destruction, and any adjustments needed are made before the wheel goes into production.

For TUV-certified wheels test units are supplied to ADV.1’s TUV partner in Austria. TUV requires individual testing and certification documents for the different styles of wheels, their size and their application. For the manufacturing process all ADV.1 forgings are engineered around a specified range of vehicle fitments / load ratings.

This means that so long as all wheels using a particular forging are engineered around the tested / certified material thickness minimums based on the test certification no further testing is required unless an order violates these guidelines.

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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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