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SOS LAB to Introduce Hybrid LiDAR at AutoSens Conference in Belgium

SOS LAB to Introduce Hybrid LiDAR at AutoSens Conference in Belgium

SOS LAB, a LiDAR development company focusing on core technology for self-driving cars, plans to present its differentiated hybrid LiDAR system, the SL-1, at the AutoSens Conference in Belgium from September 17 to 20.


The event will feature other global leaders in the LiDAR industry such as Velodyne and Blackmore, and will offer the chance for companies to showcase their latest technological developments and breakthroughs. SOS LAB’s revolutionary hybrid LiDAR product has already won multiple international awards, and is expected to establish new standards in the industry and solidify SOS LAB’s standing as a major player in the field.


SOS LAB’s long-range, hybrid scanning design combines the advantages of the widely-used motor scanning system with a solid-state MEMS mirror, and will be offered at a much lower price point compared to traditional LiDAR products on the market today. The SL-1 has already received international acclaim and was awarded top prizes at both the Seoul International Invention Fair in 2017, and the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival in 2018. The demand for autonomous vehicles is predicted to expand rapidly in the coming years, and SOS LAB’s SL-1 is expected to play an important role in the popularization and accessibility of self-driving cars.


In addition to the SL-1, SOS LAB offers two other LiDAR products designed to integrate safe, effective, and affordable LiDAR technology into various industries: the GL-3  for factory automation and robotics, and the TL-3  for security and automatic doors. SOS LAB is also focusing on combining hardware-based sensors and AI-based object recognition and tracking technology using 3D point cloud LiDAR data, and plans to provide LiDAR data space/object recognition solutions for self-driving vehicles.


According to CEO Jiseong Jeong, “SOS LAB’s vision is to become a LiDAR company that keeps ahead of the competition through excellent performance and affordable price points. We strive to innovate unique solutions to the problems combatting the industry today in order to properly address consumer concerns and meet worldwide demand.”


In the coming weeks, SOS LAB  will also participate in TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, and the International Digital Economy Expo in China, and is speeding up efforts to advance global business through programs in Tianjin and Tokyo.




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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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