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Brazil's automotive success is exemplified in the Man/Volkswagen story. The MAN/Volkswagen plant in Resende outside Rio de Janeiro is celebrating two successful decades, with over 750,000 vehicles produced over that time.
The MAN / Volkswagen story

When it opened the plant debuted the innovative concept of Modular Consortium, a system in which seven suppliers share
with MAN Latin America the responsibility for the assembly of trucks and busses.

The company was also the first in the automotive industry to invest in, and attract, modern technology to the south of Rio de Janeiro, thereby setting the foundation for an automotive cluster which includes five major automakers and many suppliers.
MAN/Volkswagen’s partner company Maxion delivers the numbered chassis and all subsets ready to be used. Meritor is responsible for the assembly of suspensions and axis sets, and Remon is responsible for wheels and tires. Powertrain, a jointventure formed by Cummins and MWM International, supplies engines and assembles transmission and clutch sets. Aethra supplies the stamped parts, assembles booths, and is responsible for the entire welding process as well as for the finishing in-plant.

Carese is responsible for surface preparation and painting. And Continental installs electronic parts, and internal and external coating of the booth.“The great initial challenge was to make partners believe in a revolutionary idea, which required active participation, investments and dedication for the construction of a new business and production model.

From the beginning of our history we developed custom-made products to satisfy new segments and niches of the market. We continuously kept up with our customers’ needs, and the Modular Consortium brings more flexibility and efficiency to this service”, said Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of MAN Latin America.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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