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Anfavea representing the Brazilian motor industry

Founded in 1956, Anfavea is Brazil's national association of motor vehicle manufacturers.
Anfavea representing the Brazilian motor industry

It represents the OEMs (cars, light commercials, trucks and busses), agricultural and road machinery manufacturers (wheel and treadmill tractors, harvesters, and backhoes) that have an industrial and production presence in Brazil.

Among its main activities are performing market and industry research for transportation vehicles, and agricultural and road achinery; coordinating and defending the collective interests of member companies; participating in, sponsoring or supporting industry events and exhibitions, and compiling and publishing industry performance data.

Over the past 60 years Anfavea members have invested heavily in the construction of factories, the development of vehicles and new technologies, the creation and expansion of a network of distributors, and in the establishment of a national supply chain. Its members have produced 78m vehicles, of which 70m were for the Brazilian market.

The Brazilian automobile industry has contributed significantly to the economic development of Brazil by creating jobs, increasing income, improving mobility of people and goods, stimulating the construction of infrastructure, and through agricultural mechanization.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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